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 Three LIFG Members Designation for Terrorism



Washington, DC--The U.S. Department of the Treasury today designated three members of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) under Executive Order 13224, which targets terrorists and the financial, technological, or material support networks of terrorists.

"LIFG, along with other al Qaida affiliates, seeks to exploit our globalized world, raising funds in Europe for transfer to terror cells operating in North Africa," said Adam Szubin, director of Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control.  "To combat such transnational threats, the power and reach of the U.N.'s counterterrorism authorities are needed more than ever to shut down financiers of bloodshed wherever they may be."

LIFG officially announced its formation in 1995 among Libyans who had fought Soviet forces in Afghanistan and the Qadhafi regime in Libya. The LIFG is believed to have participated in the planning of the May 2003 Casablanca suicide bombings, and LIFG has been linked to the 2004 Madrid attacks.

Since the late 1990s, many LIFG members have fled Libya for various countries, particularly the United Kingdom. In early November 2007, Ayman al-Zawahiri announced the LIFG had become an official affiliate of al Qaida. The LIFG was named a Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT) in the annex to E.O. 13224 on September 23, 2001 and was added to the UN 1267 Committee Consolidated List of individuals and entities associated with al Qaida or the Taliban on October 6, 2001.

These three individuals were also recently added to the UN 1267 Sanctions Committee's Consolidated List of individuals and entities associated with Usama bin Laden, al Qaida and the Taliban. All UN member states are obligated to freeze the funds and other assets of listed individuals and entities included on the List and to apply other sanctions, including a travel ban and an arms embargo. The United States implements this asset freeze through E.O. 13224.

Identifying Information


Muftah Al Mabrook
Mustah ElMabruk
Maftah El Mobruk
Muftah El Mabruk
Elmobruk Maftah
Al-Mabruk Muftah Muhammad Al-Fathali
Al-Mabruk Al-Fathali
Al-Hajj 'Abd Al-Haqq
Al Hajj Abd Al Haqq
Al Haj Abd Al Hak
Haj 'Abd Al-Haq

DOB:                          01 May 1950
POB:                           Libya  
Nationality:                 Libyan

As of January 2007, Elmabruk was a U.K.-based LIFG member and active in LIFG financial matters in the U.K. Elmabruk has been involved in fundraising activities on behalf of the LIFG for several years. Elmabruk attended various training camps in Afghanistan in the mid-1980s to early 1990s.



Abdelrazag Elsharif Al Usta
'Abd al-Razzaq Sharif
'Abd Al-Razzaq Al-Sharif Al-Usta
Abu Mu'awiya
'Abd Al-Mulay

DOB:  20 June 1963
POB: Soguma, Libya
Nationality:                 British

As of January 2007, Elosta was a U.K.-based LIFG member and LIFG leadership figure. In January 2005, Elosta maintained funds for the LIFG in the U.K, for various LIFG-related purposes.



Abdul Basit Fadil Abdul Rahim
Abdelbasit Abdelrahim
Abdullah Mansour
Abdallah Mansour
Abdulbasit Fadil Adbulrahim Mahoud
'Abdallah Mansur
Abdel Bassit Fadil Al Zawy
'Abd Al-Basit Fadil Al-Zway
'Abd Al-Basit Fadhil Al-Zawi
Abu Basir
Abou Bassir

DOB: 02 July 1968
POB: Gdabia, Libya
POB: Ajdabiyah, Libya
Nationality:  British

As of January 2007, Abdulrahim was a U.K.-based LIFG member. In January 2005, Abdulrahim was one of the most important LIFG members working on LIFG finances in the U.K., where the greatest amount of funding for the LIFG originated.

Abdulrahim joined the LIFG in 1993 while living in Saudi Arabia and was responsible there for the LIFG Islamic Jurisprudence Committee. During this time, Abdulrahim received material assistance for the LIFG from Saudi supporters, and tasked individuals to obtain material assistance for the LIFG.




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