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 Paulson Statement on Assistant Secretary Henry Resignation


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Washington, D.C. - Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson made the following statement today regarding the resignation of Assistant Secretary Emil W. Henry, Jr.:

"Emil has been an outstanding member of my senior team and a superb public servant. I appreciate his counsel, insights and expertise. As Assistant Secretary for Financial Institutions, Emil was integral to many important Treasury initiatives, including increasing our capital markets competitiveness, reform of the government sponsored enterprises (GSEs), reducing the regulatory burden on our nation's financial institutions, and spearheading our efforts for preparation in the event of a financial crisis.

"Not long after he arrived at Treasury, Emil was asked to take on the additional duties of the Assistant Secretary for Financial Markets, where he successfully guided the reintroduction of the 30-year-bond, led our efforts to monitor the growth of hedge funds and derivatives, and worked closely with the President's Working Group on Financial Markets. One job is a handful; two an unprecedented commitment. He managed both jobs with excellence.

"Emil is a consummate team player. He has always put the Department and his duties as a public servant before himself. I appreciate that he has offered to stay at Treasury until his successor is confirmed to ensure a seamless transition.

"The Department will miss his creative thinking, energy and tremendous leadership. I respect his decision to return to private life. I know that commuting between Washington and New York has been difficult for Emil and a burden on his family. With great appreciation, I wish him continued success in his career and personal life."


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