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 Treasury Designates Al Qaida, LIFG Operatives



The U.S. Department of the Treasury today designated three Libyan individuals who are members of both al Qaida and the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG). Today's action was taken pursuant to Executive Order 13224, which is aimed at prohibiting transactions with terrorists and their supporters and freezing their assets.

"These terrorists execute roles throughout al Qaida and LIFG, from recruitment to military training to procurement of explosive components," said Adam J. Szubin, Director of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). "We are publicly holding them to account for their dangerous actions."

Identifying Information

Nur Al-Din Al-Dibiski

  • AKAs: Salem Nor Eldin Amohamed al-Dabski
  • Salim Nur al-Din al-Dabski
  • Salim Nur al-Din al-Dabaski
  • Abdallah Rajab
  • Abdullah Ragab
  • Abu al-Ward
  • `Abd al-Ward
  • Abu al-Wurud
  • Abu Naim

DOB: circa 1963

POB: Tripoli, Libya

PASSPORT: 1990/345751 (Libya)

Nur al-Din al Dibiski traveled to Afghanistan in the early 1990s, where he joined al Qaida and received military training in al Qaida's camps. Dibiski is believed to be a senior member of the LIFG and a member of that terrorist group's military committee. Dibiski also joined the LIFG while he was in Afghanistan, and as of August 2005 was identified as a member of the LIFG in Iran.

Sa'id Yusif Ali Abu Azizah

  • AKAs: Said Youssef Ali Abu Aziza
  • Sa'id Yusif Ali Abu Azizat
  • Sa'id Yusif Abu Aziz
  • Sa'ud Abu Aziz
  • Abu Therab
  • Abu Thurab
  • Abu Turab
  • Abdul Hamid
  • Abd al-Hamid

DOB: 1958

POB: Tripoli, Libya

PASSPORT: 87/437555 (Libya)

Sa'id Yusif Ali Abu Azizah is a member of and recruiter for al Qaida, and was responsible for al Qaida's publications and mass media operations. Azizah, who underwent terrorist training in an al Qaida training camp, supervised one of bin Laden's guesthouses in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Azizah joined the LIFG in 1995. Azizah has long been involved in recruiting new LIFG members and sending them to Afghanistan for military training and combat experience. On behalf of LIFG, Azizah has focused on the return of recruits to Libya to conduct operations against the government.

Azizah was identified as a member of al Qaida in Canada in 2003, and became the leader of the LIFG in Canada in 2004.

`Ali Sulayman Mas'ud `Abd Al-Sayyid

  • AKA: Aly Soliman Massoud Abdul Sayed
  • AKA: Mohamed Osman
  • AKA: Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah
  • AKA: Ibn al-Qayyim
  • AKA: Ibn El Qaim
  • AKA: Al-Zawl

DOB: 1969

POB: Tripoli, Libya

PASSPORT: 96/184442 (Libya)

`Abd al-Sayyid is one of al Qaida's early members and is reportedly a member of the al Qaida military committee. He was assigned by al Qaida's leadership to deliver messages to al Qaida members in Libya that contained instructions for terrorist plots in Libya. `Abd al-Sayyid was also tasked by LIFG to enter Libya secretly, and was involved in arming an al Qaida group in Libya.

`Abd al-Sayyid was at one time in charge of al Qaida activities in Yemen, where he tasked one al Qaida operative to obtain electrical "igniters" for explosives. In 1993, `Abd al-Sayyid coordinated with a LIFG member to bring an explosives expert to Yemen to make an improvised explosive device to be catapulted on the U.S. Embassy in Sanaa.

`Abd al-Sayyid later returned to Sudan, where he was in charge of al Qaida operations and was a regional LIFG leader. He followed orders of the LIFG leadership, particularly LIFG leader and Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT) Abd al-Rahman al-Faqih. `Abd al-Sayyid also received funds from a Switzerland-based LIFG member.

In 2003, `Abd al-Sayyid received explosives detonators from a LIFG security committee member in Sudan and was involved in planning an attack on the Sudanese president and vice president.

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