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 Remarks by U.S. Treasury Secretary Lew at Meeting with Brazilian Finance Minister Meirelles

BRASILIA – I would like to thank President Temer and Minister Meirelles for welcoming me to Brazil and for hosting us here today.
It’s a pleasure to be in Brasilia to continue our discussions with the President and the Finance Minister on the importance and future of the U.S.-Brazil economic relationship, as well as our shared goals for the G-20 and the health and stability of the global economy.
Brazil’s economy appears poised to return to growth, following the deepest recession in over 100 years.  Our work with the Ministry of Finance has reaffirmed my view that the Temer Administration is taking ambitious steps to regain Brazil’s economic footing and restore confidence to consumers and investors alike.  This visit provides us the opportunity to engage directly as Brazil takes on difficult but necessary economic reforms.
While the road ahead will not be without challenges, I am convinced that the government’s proposed structural reforms, if passed by Congress, will help the Brazilian economy realize its enormous growth potential, including promoting the strong and balanced growth which is so important to strengthening the middle class and protecting Brazil’s most vulnerable populations. 
I look forward to building on the long history of bilateral cooperation between our two countries.  A prosperous Brazil is not only important for the Brazilian people, but also for the United States and the international community.  Treasury is committed to working with our counterparts in Brazil to further advance these critically important efforts.
Again, let me thank President Temer and Minister Meirelles for their gracious hospitality and partnership, and I look forward to our discussion.
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