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 Testimony of Anne Elizabeth Wall, Nominee for Deputy Under Secretary (Designated Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs), before the Senate Finance Committee


As prepared for delivery

WASHINGTON - Chairman Hatch, Ranking Member Wyden and members of the Committee, I appreciate the opportunity to be here in the Senate and to appear before the Senate Finance Committee.  It’s always nice to come to a place that feels like a second home – and it is a humbling honor to be seated at this table before you after several years sitting alongside the hardworking staff behind you.

I especially want to thank you and your staff for considering my nomination.  I am sincerely grateful to President Obama for nominating me to serve as Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs at the Department of the Treasury and to Secretary Lew for recommending me for this position.  I have the privilege of serving as a Counselor to Secretary Lew and could not be more excited to continue to work in this new role, if confirmed, with the talented, professional, intelligent, and dynamic staff of the Treasury Department.
I can’t tell you how meaningful it is to have my parents, Michael and Liz, here with me today.  And I’d like to recognize my brother, Jonathan, who is at home in Chicago.  Their encouragement empowered me as I began what I thought would be a brief adventure as Senate staffer in D.C.  Almost a decade later, it is only because of that encouragement as well as their love and support that I have been able to serve in what has already been the professional experience of a lifetime.

As my family and friends know, I try not to stray too far from my Chicago roots.  I strive to live by the values my parents instilled in me.  And I’m thankful they are here today.

Finally, I will always be grateful to my home state Senator, Dick Durbin, who as Majority Whip took a chance on a young practicing lawyer who moved to Washington without a job but with a strong desire to learn how government really works, and he gave me the honor of being a part of his remarkable, dedicated staff for five and a half wonderful years.  

It was in that role, as part of the Leadership staff, that I spent countless hours on the Senate Floor.  I learned first-hand that the United States Senate is a place where your word is your bond.  It is a place where strong friendships and relationships can develop, even when you don’t agree on policy, politics, or process.  It is also a place where a sense of humor can be as valuable as a sense of duty.  And I certainly tried to keep that in mind working with offices on whip questions and conversations about Senate procedure.  

I carried my Senate Floor experience with me when I joined the White House Office of Legislative Affairs – first as Special Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs and later as Deputy Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs and Senate Liaison.  Serving President Obama and working with his team for three years was one of the most special times in my life.  Contributing to the daily work of the country from the other side of Pennsylvania Avenue was uniquely rewarding – and, as in the Senate, it is a place where relationships matter.

In my role as the White House Liaison to the Senate, I built strong ties to both Republicans and Democrats.  Together, we kept open a line of communication between the Legislative and Executive Branches – a relationship that is essential to getting things done.

If confirmed, I would look forward to ensuring that there is an honest dialogue between the Treasury Department and Congress.  You can count on me to be responsive and respectful, to be candid and clear, and to do my best to accurately represent the views of the Department of the Treasury and the Administration before this Committee and others in Congress.  And in turn, you can count on me to make sure that your views are shared and respected within the Department of the Treasury.
Thank you again for your consideration.  I look forward to responding to your questions.


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