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 Additional Treasury and State Designations Targeting Networks Linked to Iranian WMD Proliferation and Sanctions Evasion

Underscores Continued U.S. Commitment to Enforce Existing Sanctions and Maintain Pressure on Iran over its Nuclear Program
WASHINGTON Today, the U.S. Departments of the Treasury and State announced the designation of a number of companies and individuals for evading international sanctions against Iran and for providing support for Iran’s nuclear program.  As the United States and our partners in the P5+1 explore the possibility of a long-term, comprehensive resolution with Iran that would provide confidence that Iran’s nuclear program is exclusively peaceful, we remain committed to vigorously enforcing our sanctions regime and to exposing the Government of Iran’s (GOI) efforts to use deceptive practices and front companies to further its nuclear program.
“The Joint Plan of Action reached in Geneva does not, and will not, interfere with our continued efforts to expose and disrupt those supporting Iran’s nuclear program or seeking to evade our sanctions.  These sanctions have isolated Iran from the international financial system, imposed enormous pressure on the Iranian economy, and motivated the Iranian leadership to make the first meaningful concessions on its nuclear program in over a decade,” said Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence David S. Cohen.  “Today’s actions should be a stark reminder to businesses, banks, and brokers everywhere that we will continue relentlessly to enforce our sanctions, even as we explore the possibility of a long-term, comprehensive resolution of our concerns with Iran’s nuclear program.”
Today’s designations target entities and individuals involved in the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD)-related materiel and attempts to evade international sanctions against Iran.  The conduct of these entities and individuals demonstrates Iran’s extensive efforts to conceal its evasive activities by using front companies in foreign countries to deceive foreign suppliers to support its illicit proliferation and evasion activities.
Today’s actions generally prohibit transactions between the designees and any U.S. person, and freeze any assets they may currently have or that come under U.S. jurisdiction.  In addition, any foreign financial institution or person that facilitates significant transactions or provides material support to the designated entities may have their access to the U.S. financial system severed and/or their property under U.S. jurisdiction blocked. 
For the full list of all new and updated designations, click here.
Designations Related to Sanctions Evasion
A central part of the United States’ strategy in enforcing sanctions against Iran is a sustained effort to target those who deceptively engage in transactions on behalf of Iran or other sanctioned entities.  These actors take advantage of unwitting foreign businesses by concealing the true beneficiaries of their activities and have become a key part of Iran’s international sanctions evasion efforts.  Treasury possesses a number of far-reaching authorities to counter and disrupt these actors, including various Executive Orders (E.O.s) that target those who provide support to the GOI or previously sanctioned entities or those who engage in deception to assist the GOI or others to circumvent sanctions.
Today’s actions target several companies and individuals who engaged in transactions on behalf of previously-designated National Iranian Tanker Company (NITC), Iran’s primary shipper of crude oil, and previously identified KASB International, and also target the General Manager of Ferland Company Limited, which was identified earlier this year as a sanctions evader.  They also identify a number of NITC vessels that have changed their flagging jurisdiction or names.
Mid Oil Asia
Mid Oil Asia was designated today pursuant to E.O. 13645 for providing material support to  NITC.  E.O. 13645 broadens existing sanctions with respect to Iran, including imposing sanctions on persons that materially assist certain other persons whose property and interests in property are already blocked.  NITC was identified as part of the GOI in July 2012.  Singapore-based Mid Oil Asia is used by NITC to make NITC’s urgent payments in violation of international sanctions.  For example, Mid Oil Asia was used by NITC to transfer funds to an Egypt-based company and to ensure the payment documents did not mention the name of the vessels or Iran, the country which owned them.
Singa Tankers
Singapore-based Singa Tankers was designated today pursuant to E.O. 13645 for providing material support to NITC.  Singa Tankers is also used by NITC to make urgent payments.  For instance, NITC provided funds to Singa Tankers for a tanker transport-related expense in September 2013.  Separately, Singa Tankers transferred funds to a non-Iranian foreign bank on behalf of NITC. Care was taken so that transfer details were not mentioned, specifically the name of the vessel or the Iranian nationality of the vessel’s owners.
Siqiriya Maritime
Siqiriya Maritime Corporation was designated today pursuant to E.O. 13645 for providing material support to NITC.  The following vessels have been identified as property in which Siqiriya Maritime Corporation has an interest: Anthem, Jaffna, and Olysa. 
Ferland Company Limited
Ferland Company Limited was designated today pursuant to E.O. 13645 for providing material support to NITC.  Representatives from Ferland Company Limited and NITC were involved in the ship-to-ship transfer of Iranian crude oil in March 2013.  Ferland Company Limited facilitated deceptive transactions for or on behalf of NITC.  Treasury previously imposed sanctions on Ferland Company Limited pursuant to E.O. 13608, which targets foreign sanctions evaders, for facilitating deceptive transactions for or on behalf of NITC.  The Department of State also imposed sanctions on Ferland Company Limited pursuant to the Iran Sanctions Act, as amended.
Vitaly Sokolenko
Vitaly Sokolenko, the General Manager of Ferland Company Limited, who is based in Odessa, Ukraine, and involved in brokering the sale of Iranian crude oil, was designated today pursuant to E.O. 13645 for providing material support to NITC and was targeted for sanctions under E.O. 13608 for acting for or on behalf of Ferland Company Limited.
Designations Related to Front Companies, Officials or Agents of Designated Nuclear and Weapons Proliferation Companies 
Pursuant to E.O. 13382, the United States has imposed a series of targeted, conduct-based sanctions on individuals, firms, and financial institutions involved in or linked to Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs.  This sustained sanctions effort has both disrupted the progress of Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile program and imposed significant pressure on the Iranian government. 
The Department of State today targeted five Iranian entities directly engaged in providing the Iranian government goods, technology, and services that materially contribute to or pose a risk of materially contributing to Iran's ability to enrich uranium, construct a heavy water-moderated research reactor, and develop its ballistic missile capabilities, all of which are prohibited by United Nations Security Council Resolutions.  These designations represent State’s continuing effort to target for sanctions private Iranian entities contributing to Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs.
Eyvaz Technic Manufacturing Company
Eyvaz Technic Manufacturing Company (Eyvaz) is an Iranian entity involved in the procurement of sensitive items for use in Iran’s centrifuge program.  Since at least 2008, Eyvaz has procured components useful in centrifuge cascades, specifically expansion joints, for Kalaye Electric Company (KEC), an Iranian entity designated in United Nations Security Council Resolution 1737 for its work on Iran’s proscribed uranium enrichment program.  Eyvaz has procured other components useful in centrifuge cascades, including valve bellows and vacuum pumps, also for KEC, and for other entities involved in the Iranian nuclear program.
The Exploration and Nuclear Raw Materials Production Company
The Exploration and Nuclear Raw Materials Production Company (EMKA) is a subsidiary organization of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI).  EMKA oversees uranium discovery, mining, and mineral processing operations in Iran.  EMKA provided support and funding for continued mining operations for uranium ore at the Gachin mine as recently as November 2012.  As of July 2013, EMKA was using a front company to procure items intended for the AEOI.
Maro Sanat Company
Since 2011, the Iranian firm Maro Sanat Company (Maro Sanat) has worked for Iran’s Nuclear Reactors Fuel Company (SUREH) to acquire necessary items for the organization’s facilities.  SUREH is responsible for Iran’s Uranium Conversion Facility, the Fuel Manufacturing Plant, and the Zirconium Production Plant.  SUREH contracted with Maro Sanat to acquire large amounts of zirconium silicate, which Iran could use as feedstock to produce nuclear-grade zirconium for IR-40 fuel cladding and other internal components, and non-nuclear-grade zirconium that could contribute to Iran’s missile program as solid rocket propellant.  Maro Sanat’s efforts to acquire large amounts of zirconium silicate could make a major contribution to Iran’s ability to advance construction of its IR-40 reactor.  Maro Sanat also worked for SUREH to acquire anhydrous hydrofluoric acid (AHF), which is used to form one of the precursors needed to create uranium hexafluoride (UF6), used at Iran’s Uranium Conversion Facility.
Navid Composite Material Company
Navid Composite Material Company (Navid Composite) is an Iran-based subsidiary of U.S.- and UN-designated Sanam Industrial Group, which was designated for its involvement in Iran’s ballistic missile program.  Navid Composite is currently building a carbon fiber production plant in Iran.  Since at least 2012, Navid Composite has contracted with Asia-based entities to procure a carbon fiber production line capable of producing 150 tons per year of carbon fiber probably suitable for use in ballistic missile components.
Negin Parto Khavar
Negin Parto Khavar (Negin Parto) is a key participant in a nuclear procurement network that brokers items for Iran’s proscribed nuclear program, including for UN-designated entities such as the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), Modern Industrial Technique Company (MITEC), and Kalaye Electric Company (KEC), all of which have also been designated by the United States pursuant to E.O. 13382.  Negin Parto also has procured items for Iran’s Nuclear Reactors Fuel Company (SUREH), which was designated by the United States pursuant to E.O. 13382 on November 11, 2011.  Since at least mid-2009, Negin Parto has brokered or attempted to broker several deals to provide sensitive components for Iran’s 40-megawatt heavy water research reactor (the IR-40) at Arak, Iran, often using false end-user statements to deceive manufacturers and to obscure Iranian involvement in the transactions.
Continuing the effort to target Iran’s nuclear proliferation activities, Treasury today targeted a network of proliferators headed by Iran’s Ministry of Defense for Armed Forces Logistics (MODAFL), which oversees Iran’s ballistic missile program.  MODAFL was designated by the United States pursuant to E.O. 13382 in 2007, and has brokered a number of transactions involving materials and technologies with ballistic missile applications.  Treasury also designated officials from and aliases for the Iranian nuclear procurement firm Neka Novin.  Neka Novin was designated in November 2011 for its involvement in the procurement of specialized equipment and materials that have direct application to Iran’s nuclear program.
Neka Novin Officials Iradj Mohammadi Kahvarin and Mahmoud Mohammadi Dayeni
Iradj Mohammadi Kahvarin and Mahmoud Mohammadi Dayeni are key officials working for Neka Novin.  Iradj Mohammadi Kahvarin holds the roles of Managing Director, Project Manager, and Sales and Marketing Manager for Neka Novin.  He participated in negotiations related to the procurement of automation equipment for Iran’s nuclear program in 2009.  Mahmoud Mohammadi Dayeni is the Chief Executive Officer of Neka Novin and also holds the titles of Managing Director and Project Manager of Neka Novin.
Neka Novin Aliases
Neka Novin has used the names Kia Nirou, Block Nirou Sun Co., BNSA Co., and Neku Nirou Tavan Co. when procuring equipment from foreign suppliers.
Qods Aviation Industries
Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) operates Qods Aviation Industries and uses it to fund projects.  MODAFL contracts with Qods Aviation Industries for aviation and air defense projects.  Qods Aviation is involved in the production of UAVs, parachutes, paragliders, and para-motors, which the IRGC has claimed to use as part of its asymmetric warfare doctrine.
In addition, Qods Aviation Industries has also been identified as an IRGC entity in an annex to U.N. Security Council Resolution 1747 of March 24, 2007.  It was also listed by the European Union on March 23, 2012 as an entity linked to Iran’s proliferation-sensitive nuclear activities or Iran’s development of nuclear weapon delivery systems.
Iran Aviation Industries Organization
Iran Aviation Industries Organization is part of the Iranian Ministry of Defense and is responsible for managing Iran’s military aviation industry.  Among other things, it is involved in developing long range unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). It has also been sanctioned by the European Union as an entity linked to Iran’s proliferation-sensitive nuclear activities or Iran’s development of nuclear weapon delivery systems.
Reza Amidi, Fan Pardazan, and Ertebat Gostar Novin
Reza Amidi, who was a commercial manager of Qods Aviation Industries, has been tied to procurement work undertaken by Fan Pardazan. Fan Pardazan is a Qods Aviation Industries cover company. Reza Amidi is also tied to Ertebat Gostar Novin, a suspected Qods Aviation front company involved in procurement activities.
Updated Information About Previously Identified Persons
KASB International Update – First Furat Trading LLC
KASB International LLC is a UAE-based company previously identified on September 6, 2013 pursuant to E.O. 13599 – which targets the Iranian government’s property and its financial institutions – as part of the Seyed Seyyedi network of front companies used to evade sanctions.  The company is now known as First Furat Trading LLC.  Additionally, KASB International LLC’s address and phone number have been updated.
Seifollah Jashnsaz Update
The biographical and passport information of Seifollah Jashnsaz, Managing Director of the Switzerland-based Naftiran Intertrade Company and of numerous Iranian front companies involved in evading international sanctions on Iranian oil, have been updated, including to note his role as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the previously-identified Iranian Oil Company U.K.
Treasury identified Seifollah Jashnsaz pursuant to E.O. 13599 on May 23, 2013.
NITC Vessels Updates
The names and flagging information of 33 NITC vessels already listed on the Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List (SDN List) pursuant to E.O. 13599 and owned by NITC, have been updated.
Identifying Information
Name:  Mid Oil Asia Pte Ltd
Address: Harbourfront Centre
   1 Maritime Square #09-09
               Singapore 099253
Name:  Singa Tankers Pte. Ltd.
Address: 89 Short Street Number 10-07
               Golden Wall Centre
               Singapore 188216
Name:  Siqiriya Maritime Corp.
Address: Zen Towers 111,
   Natividad Almeda-Lopez Street
               Ermita, 1111
   Manila, The Philippines
Newly-Identified Siqiriya Vessels:
Name: Anthem
Vessel Type: Chemical/Products Tanker
Flag: Panama
IMO Number: 8310669
Name: Jaffna
Vessel Type: Oil Products Tanker
Flag: Panama
IMO Number: 8609515
Name: Olysa
Vessel Type: Crude Oil Tanker
Flag: Panama
IMO Number: 9001605
Name:  Ferland Company Limited (a.k.a. Ferland Co. Ltd)
Address 1: 29 A Anna Komnini St.,
      PO Box 2303,
      Nicosia, Cyprus;
Address 2: 5/7 Sabaneyev Most.,
      Odessa, Ukraine
Individual: Vitaly SOKOLENKO
General Manager of Ferland Company Limited
AKA:  Vitalii Sokolenko
AKA: Vitaliy Sokolenko
DOB: June 16, 1968
Passport: EH354160
Passport: PO329907
Name:  Eyvaz Technic Manufacturing Company
AKA:  Eyvaz Technic
AKA:  Eyvaz Technik
AKA:  Eyvaz Technic Industrial Company Ltd.
Address:  Sharia’ati St., Shahid Hamid Sadik Alley, Building 3, Number 3, Tehran, Iran
Name:  The Exploration and Nuclear Raw Materials Production Company
AKA:  EMKA Company
Address:  Tehran, Iran
Name:  Maro Sanat Company
AKA:  Maro Sanat Engineering
AKA:  Marou Sanat Engineering Company
AKA:  Mohandesi Tarh Va Toseh Maro Sanat Company
AKA:  Maro Sanat Development and Design Engineering Company
Address:  North Dr. Moftah Street, Zahra Street, Placard 9, Ground floor, Tehran Iran
Name:  Navid Composite Material Company
AKA:  Navid Composite
Address:  No. 3, Alley 23, 16th Janbazan Street, North Kargar Avenue, Tehran, Iran
Name:  Negin Parto Khavar
AKA:  Negin Parto Khavar Co. Ltd.
AKA:  Negin Parto
AKA:  Payan Avaran Omran
AKA:  Ertebate Eghtessade Monir
Address:  Fatmi Gharabi Street, between Sindokht and Etemad Zadah, Block 307, Floor 3, Unit 7, Tehran, Iran.  Zip Code: 1411816191
Address:  Unit 7, No. 279 West Fatemi Street, Tehran, Iran.  Zip Code: 1411816191
Managing Director, Neka Novin
Passport: Iran, X15232608
Individual: Mahmoud MOHAMMADI DAYENI
Chief Executive Officer, Neka Novin
Passport: Iran, J16661804
Name: Qods Aviation Industries
AKA: Qods Research Center
Address: P.O. Box 15875-1834, Km 5 Karaj Special Road, Tehran, Iran
Address: Unit (or Suite) 207, Saleh Blvd, Tehran, Iran
Address: Unit 207 Tarajit Maydane Taymori (or Teimori) Square, Basiri Building, Tarasht, Tehran, Iran
Name: Iran Aviation Industries Organization
AKA Sazmane Sanaye Havai
Address: Karaj Special Road, Mehrabad Airport, Tehran, Iran; Address: Sepahbod Gharani 36, Tehran, Iran; Address: 3th km Karaj Special Road, Aviation Industries Boulevard, Tehran, Iran
Individual:  Reza AMIDI
DOB: 30 Sep 1962
POB: Tehran, Iran
Care of Qods Aviation Industries
Name:  Fan Pardazan
Address: P.O. Box 15875-1834, Km 5 Karaj Special Road, Tehran, Iran
Address: Unit (or Suite) 207, Saleh Blvd, Tehran, Iran
Address: Unit 207, Tarajit Maydane Taymori (or Teimori) Square, Basiri Building, Tarasht, Tehran, Iran
Name:  Eterbat Gostar Novin
Address:  Unit 207, No. 20 Salehi Boulevard, Tarasht Tehran, Iran
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