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 Treasury Sanctions Persons for Role in Undermining Zimbabwean Democracy



Targeted Sanctions Support Democratic Aspirations of the People of Zimbabwe and Zimbabwean Anti-Corruption Efforts


WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) today designated a Zimbabwean government official, an Angolan businessman, a Singaporean attorney, and a Zimbabwe-based entity pursuant to Executive Order (E.O.) 13469 for their role in undermining Zimbabwe’s democratic processes and institutions or facilitating public corruption through support to the Government of Zimbabwe, senior government officials, and/or Specially Designated Nationals (SDNs).  


“Today’s action targets those who are disrupting Zimbabwe’s democratic and economic progress,” said Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence David S. Cohen.  “These designations underscore the United States’ commitment to helping the people of Zimbabwe restore the peaceful, democratic, prosperous country they rightly deserve, and we will continue to expose anyone whose actions undercut this priority.”


Today’s designation includes Tobaiwa Mudede, a senior official of the Government of Zimbabwe who, as Registrar General, oversaw critical elements of Zimbabwe’s flawed July 2013 presidential and parliamentary elections.


OFAC also sanctioned Sam Pa, an Angolan businessman and a well-known supporter of the Mugabe regime.  Sam Pa is being designated for undermining democratic processes and institutions in Zimbabwe, facilitating public corruption by Zimbabwean senior officials through illicit diamond deals, and providing financial and logistical support to the Government of Zimbabwe and SDNs.  Among other actions, Sam Pa has given more than one million dollars, as well as supplies and equipment, to senior Zimbabwean government officials in support of the Central Intelligence Organization (CIO).  The CIO, in its capacity as Zimbabwe’s state intelligence service, is linked with activities meant to undermine democracy.  The CIO credits Sam Pa’s financial support with helping the organization survive in a harsh economic climate.  This off-budget financing has contributed to CIO programs dedicated to pre-election intimidation in Zimbabwe, among other activities.


Jimmy Zerenie, a Singaporean attorney based in Zimbabwe, is a business associate of Sam Pa and acted on his behalf by facilitating illicit diamond deals between Sam Pa and senior Zimbabwean officials.  Zerenie is also a director of Sino Zim Development (Pvt) Ltd, a Zimbabwe-based entity designated today for being owned or controlled by both Zerenie as well as a senior official of the Government of Zimbabwe.


As a result of Treasury’s actions, any assets of the individuals or entity designated today that are within U.S. jurisdiction must be frozen.  Additionally, transactions by U.S. persons or with the United States involving these individuals and entity are generally prohibited.


Identifying Information


Name: Tobaiwa Mudede

AKA: Tonneth

DOB: 22 Dec 1942

Title:    Registrar General


Name: Sam Pa

AKA: Samo Hui

AKA: Xu Jinghua

AKA: Sam King

AKA: Tsui Kyung-wha

AKA:  Ghiu Ka Leung

AKA: Antonio Famtosonghiu Sampo Menezes

DOB: 28 Feb 1958

Citizenship: Angola

Nationality: Chinese

Alt. Nationality: United Kingdom

Passport: C234897(0) (United Kingdom)


Name: Jimmy Zerenie

Passport: E0840452D (Singapore)

Title:    Director of Sino Zim Development (Pvt) Ltd

Title:    Director of Sino Zim Diamond Ltd

Profession: Attorney

Advocate and Solicitor Admission Number (Registrar of the Singapore Board of Legal Education): AAS 264/2005


Name: Sino Zim Development (Pvt) Ltd

AKA: Sino Zimbabwe Holdings (Pvt) Ltd

AKA:  Sino Zimbabwe Cotton Holdings

Address: 3rd Floor, Livingstone House, 48 Samora Machel Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe

Alt. Address: PO Box 7520, Harare, Zimbabwe

Telephone: (04) 710043


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