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 Statement of Secretary Lew on Additional Sanctions within Russia's Financial Services, Defense or Related Materiel, and Energy Services Sectors

“Given Russia’s direct military intervention and blatant efforts to destabilize Ukraine, we have deepened our sanctions against Russia today, in concert with our European allies.  These steps underscore the continued resolve of the international community against Russia’s aggression.  
“Russia’s economic and diplomatic isolation will continue to grow as long as its actions do not live up to its words.  Russia’s economy is already paying a heavy price for its unlawful behavior.  Growth has fallen to near zero, inflation is well above target, and Russian financial markets continue to deteriorate.  
“It is essential that Russia work with Ukraine and other international partners to find a lasting settlement to the conflict.  If Russia does so, these new sanctions could be suspended.  If instead Russia chooses to continue its violations of international law, the costs will continue to rise.
“As in all of the sanctions steps we have taken, we have designed the actions announced today to deliver significant pressure on the targets of our sanctions while safeguarding, to the extent possible, global financial markets and the global economy.” 

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