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 Statement by Secretary Jacob J. Lew on Cuba Policy Changes


WASHINGTON – “Enhanced contact with the United States is key to advancing political and economic freedom for the Cuban people.  The steps we are taking will increase travel, commerce, communications and private business development between the United States and Cuba and promote positive change for Cuba’s citizens.  
“These steps build upon the President’s actions in 2009 and 2011 to increase the free flow of information, civil society cooperation and dialogue, and material support and remittances to the Cuban people to help promote their independence from Cuban authorities.
“Cuba has many hurdles to clear in order to satisfy the needs of its own citizens.  While the Cuban government has undertaken some steps to loosen economic restrictions on its citizens, it is clear that far more extensive economic reforms are both necessary and desired by the Cuban people.  Cuba has the potential to be a critical part of economic growth in the region; however the Cuban government must take steps in order to play such a role.  We encourage the government to move forward with those reforms as soon as possible for the benefit of its citizens.”
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