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 Treasury Designates Indonesian and Malaysian ISIS Operatives and Leaders

Action Continues Treasury Efforts Against ISIS in Southeast Asia
WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) took action today to disrupt the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s (ISIS) global financial and facilitation networks by designating two individualsMuhammad Bahrun Naim Anggih Tamtomo and Muhammad Wanndy Bin Mohamed Jedias Specially Designated Global Terrorists pursuant to Executive Order (E.O.) 13224.  The individuals designated today are Syria- and Iraq-based ISIS members who provide financial and operational support for ISIS’s recruitment and attack plotting in Indonesia, Malaysia, and elsewhere in Southeast Asia.  This action targets ISIS’s recruitment and financial support of terrorist attacks in Southeast Asia and continues Treasury’s efforts against the ISIS’s operations globally. 
As a result of today’s actions, all property and interests in property of these individuals subject to U.S. jurisdiction are blocked, and U.S. persons are generally prohibited from engaging in transactions with them.
“Designating Muhammad Bahrun Naim Anggih Tamtomo and Muhammad Wanndy Bin Mohamed Jedi sends a powerful signal to individuals that provide support to ISIS and demonstrates the U.S. government’s resolve to combat terrorism and terrorism financing in the region,” said John E. Smith, OFAC Director.
Additionally, the Department of State today designated five persons pursuant to E.O. 13224. See link here.
Muhammad Bahrun Naim Anggih Tamtomo
Muhammad Bahrun Naim Anggih Tamtomo (Naim) was designated for acting for or on behalf of ISIS.
Naim is a Syria-based Indonesian national and ISIS official who has served in a variety of roles including leading an ISIS unit, recruiting, and overseeing and funding ISIS operations in Indonesia and elsewhere.   
Naim declared his allegiance to ISIS in August 2014 and as of January 2016 had recruited more than 100 Indonesians for ISIS.  As of February 2016, Naim served as one of the leaders of an Indonesian- and Malay-speaking ISIS faction in Syria.  By February 2016, he was promoted to be a high official within ISIS.  
Naim reportedly organized and funded the Jakarta attacks on January 14, 2016 that killed four civilians and injured 23 people in multiple explosions and gunfire.  Additionally, sometime prior to the attacks, Naim transferred nearly $72,000 to an associate in Indonesia, purportedly to conduct attacks on his instructions. 
In 2015, Naim was in contact with a network of ISIS-affiliated extremists in Indonesia.  In August 2015, Naim reportedly instructed three men in Solo, Indonesia to plan a bomb attack of a police post, a church, and a Chinese temple.  In mid-2015, Naim provided instructions and funding to an Indonesia-based associate for the purpose of establishing and training a bomb-making cell.  When the leaders and members of this bomb-making cell were arrested in August 2015, Naim called on other associates to form a new cell for which Naim provided funds.
Muhammad Wanndy Bin Mohamed Jedi
Muhammad Wanndy Bin Mohamed Jedi (Wanndy) was designated for acting for or on behalf of ISIS. 
Wanndy is a Syria- and Iraq-based Malaysian ISIS operative who coordinates attack planning for ISIS and recruits and facilitates the travel of extremists to Syria to fight for ISIS.  Wanndy has directed multiple attacks and provided material support to ISIS.    
In June 2016, Wanndy claimed responsibility on behalf of ISIS for a June 28, 2016 grenade attack on a nightclub in Malaysia in which eight people were wounded.  Wanndy also warned Malaysian police about additional attacks and threatened to assassinate the Malaysian Prime Minister and top officials.
In March 2016, Malaysian authorities arrested a cell of 15 Malaysia-based militants who were subordinate to Wanndy.  The cell was responsible for recruiting individuals to fight for ISIS in Syria and fundraising on behalf of ISIS.  An investigation following the arrest found that Wanndy had ordered members of the cell to conduct attacks in Malaysia.
In early 2016, Wanndy recruited and facilitated the travel of three Malaysian ISIS supporters who were attempting to join the terrorist group in Syria, but were arrested in Malaysia following their deportation from Turkey.
For identifying information on the individuals designated today, click here.
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