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 Treasury Designates Multi-Million Dollar Procurement Network for Directly Supporting Iran’s Missile Program

Treasury Targets Network of Iranian, Turkish Nationals Operating in Tehran and Istanbul
WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of the Treasury today announced the designation of a multi-million dollar procurement network that provides support to Iran’s Aerospace Industries Organization (AIO), which oversees all of Iran’s missile industries. Led by Milad Jafari, an Iranian national, the network uses a series of companies in Iran and Turkey to procure metal products, including steel and aluminum alloys for AIO’s subordinates.  Between 2007 and late 2008, the network facilitated transactions valued at more than
$7 million for companies subordinate to AIO.
Today’s actions, taken pursuant to E.O. 13382, targeted six individuals and five entities in the Jafari network. E.O. 13382 is aimed at freezing the assets of proliferators of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and their supporters, thereby isolating them from the U.S. financial and commercial systems.  
“The Jafari network has established itself as a lifeline for Iran’s missile program by providing essential materials and support for AIO,” said Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Stuart Levey. “The Treasury Department will continue to identify and expose channels Iran is using to defy international sanctions, wherever those channels may be located.”
Milad Jafari runs the procurement network along with his father, Mohammad Javad Jafari, and brother, Mani Jafari.  Turkish nationals and key associates of Milad Jafari, Muammer Kuntay Duransoy and Cagri Duransoy, facilitate transactions on behalf of the network.  Milad and Mani Jafari’s mother, Mahin Falsafi, operates the network’s bank accounts at the Export Development Bank of Iran (EDBI), which was designated by Treasury in October 2008 for providing financial services to Iran’s Ministry of Defense of Armed Forces Logistics (MODAFL) and its subordinate entities.
AIO is a subsidiary of MODAFL, the arm of the Iranian military that oversees Iran’s ballistic missile program.  AIO oversees all of Iran’s missile industries and was listed in the Annex to E.O. 13382 in June 2005.  The Department of State designated MODAFL pursuant to E.O. 13382 in October 2007.
Milad Jafari and the above individuals were designated for their involvement with the following entities, also designated for their roles in providing direct support to Iran’s missile program:
  • Located in Turkey, Macpar Makina San Ve Tic A.S. (Macpar) and STEP A.S. (STEP) provided material, technological or other support for, or goods and services in support of, AIO’s subordinates.  Milad Jafari’s associates Muammer Kuntay Duransoy and Cagri Duransoy manage Macpar's operations out of Turkey, which facilitates transactions for AIO companies.
  • Macpar, STEP, and Multimat Ltd. (Multimat) have all been linked to transactions involving cover companies for Shahid Hemmat Industrial Group (SHIG) and Sanam Industrial Group (SIG), two entities subordinate to AIO, also subject to U.S. and international sanctions.
  • Carvana Company and Machine Pardazan Company are co-located with Multimat in Iran and have facilitated transactions on behalf of AIO companies.
Also today, the Department of Justice announced the unsealing of a July 21, 2010 federal indictment charging Milad Jafari with one count of conspiracy to illegally export materials from the United States to Iran and to defraud the United States; five separate counts of illegal export and attempted illegal export of materials to Iran; and five additional counts of smuggling materials.  The indictment is the result of a joint investigation by special agents from the Commerce Department’s Office of Export Enforcement and the FBI.
In a separate action, Treasury today targeted further the corporate structure of Iran’s national maritime carrier, the Islamic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL), by designating Adrian Baldacchino, the director of IRISL Malta, as well as two Malta-based IRISL affiliates under his control: Royal-Med Shipping Agency Ltd. and Maraner Holdings Limited.
Royal-Med Shipping Agency Ltd is an agent for designated IRISL front Hafiz Darya Shipping Company (HDS), which was established by IRISL in 2009 to conduct IRISL’s containerized shipping operations under the HDS Lines brand name.  Treasury designated HDS in June 2010.  Maraner Holdings Limited is owned by IRISL Europe GmbH, an IRISL subsidiary designated by Treasury in September 2008.
Adrian Baldacchino is a director of IRISL Malta, another IRISL subsidiary designated by Treasury in September 2008. He is part owner of Maraner Holdings Limited and sole owner of Royal-Med Shipping Agency Ltd.
Treasury designated IRISL in September 2008 pursuant to E.O. 13382 for providing logistical services, including facilitating shipments of military related cargoes, to MODAFL.
Identifying Information:
Individual:                  JAFARI, Milad
DOB:                           September 20, 1974
POB:                           Tehran, Iran Nationality: Iran
Passport Number:   L8081303; Issued March 14, 2006; Expires March 14, 2011
Individual:                  JAFARI, Mohammad Javad
DOB:                           1945
Address:                      Number 7 Daftari, Dawudieh, Shariati Avenue, Tehran, Iran
Individual:                  JAFARI, Mani
DOB:                           March 22, 1977
POB:                           Tehran, Iran
Passport Number:   10734 (Iran)
Individual:                  FALSAFI, Mahin
DOB:                           April 20, 1943
POB:                           Tehran, Iran
Passport Number:   S2662712 (Iran); expired April 16, 2002
Address:                      Number 7 Daftari, Dawudieh, Shariati Avenue, Tehran, Iran
Individual:                  DURANSOY, Muammer Kuntay
DOB:                           June 3, 1953
POB:                           Eskisehir, Turkey
Individual:                  DURANSOY, Cagri
DOB:                          August 4, 1985
POB:                           Kadikoy, Turkey
Passport Number:   TR-T 577847 (Turkey)
Alt. Passport Number: 31/2857612/2007 (Turkey)
Entity:                        MACPAR MAKINA SAN VE TIC A.S.
A.K.A.:                       MACPAR MAKINA
A.K.A.:                       MAKPA
Address:                   Sehidler Caddesi No: 79/2 Tuzla, 34940 Istanbul, Turkey
Identification No:     Istanbul Chamber of Comm. No. 537070 (Turkey)
Entity:                       STEP A.S.
A.K.A.:                       STEP S.A.
A.K.A.:                       STEP ISTANBUL
A.K.A.:                       STANDART TEKNIK PARCA SAN VE TIC A.S.
Address:                   DES San Sitesi, A13 Blok, No. 4, Y. Dudullu, Istanbul 81260, Turkey
Alt. Address:             Bahariye Cad., No. 44, K6, Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey
A.K.A.:                         MULTIMAT TEHRAN
Address:                    Bagdat Caddesi, Burc Sitesi, Number 117 A Blok D.2,
                                    Feneryolu - Kadkoy, Istanbul, Turkey
Alt. Address:              Number 39, Alvand St., 1st Floor, Argentine Square, Tehran, Iran
V.A.T. Number:          Goztepe V.D. 823 026 0248 (Turkey)
Entity:                         CARVANA COMPANY
Address:                    Number 39, Alvand St., 1st Floor, Argentine Square, 1516674311, Tehran, Iran
Alt. Address:             1st Apadana St., Number 478, Esfahan 81658, Iran
Entity:                         MACHINE PARDAZAN CO.
A.K.A.:                         MACHINE PARDAZAN LTD.
A.K.A.:                         MACHINE PARDAZAN CO. LTD.
Address:                    Number 39 Alvand St., 1st Floor, Argentine Square, Tehran, Iran
Alt. Address:              Km. 12 Karadj Special Rd., North Chitgar, Rajaii Ave.,
                                     Number 1, Tehran, Iran
Alt. Address:              No. 7, Daftari Ave., Zafar St., Shariati St., Tehran, Iran
Individual:                  BALDACCHINO, Adrian
DOB:                          December 16, 1962
Entity:                         ROYAL-MED SHIPPING AGENCY LTD
Address:                   Rockap Apartments, No. 20, New Street. Luqa, Malta
Entity:                         MARANER HOLDINGS LIMITED
Address:                  143 Flat 1. Tower Road, Sliema, Malta​
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