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 Treasury Designates Two Individuals for Supporting Terrorist Activities Treasury Targets Financier of al Qai'da in Iraq, Islamic Jihad Union Member




WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of the Treasury today targeted the financial and support networks of al Qai'da in Iraq (AQI), al-Qai'da and Islamic Jihad Union (IJU) by designating two Europe-based individuals for providing support to terrorists or acts of terrorism under Executive Order 13224.   Ahmad Khalaf Shabib al-Dulaymi was designated for providing financial, material, or technological support to AQI, and German national Atilla Selek, a member of the IJU recently sentenced to serve five years in prison, was designatedfor his involvement in an IJU plot to target U.S. military personnel stationed in Germany.  Both AQI and the IJU are Specially Designated Global Terrorists previously designated under Executive Order 13224, which freezes any assets the designated individuals have under U.S. jurisdictionand prohibits U.S. persons from engaging in any transactions with those individuals.  

"Today's designation of two Europe-based facilitators who supported terrorist groups targeting U.S. forces and others in Germany and Iraq illustrates, once again, the urgent need to maintain a global coalition to counter terrorist networks that place us all in danger," said Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Stuart Levey.

Ahmad Khalaf Shabib al-Dulaymi

Ahmad Khalaf Shabib al-Dulaymi provides financial, material, or technological support to al Qai'da in Iraq and al Qai'da.   As of March 2009, al-Dulaymi smuggled weapons and explosives into Iraq from Syria through a United Kingdom-based company on behalf of AQI.   As of late 2008, al-Dulaymi provided financial support to AQI by providing funding to the families of AQI fighters killed in Iraq.

As of mid-2007, al-Dulaymi was in charge of an al-Qai'da network in Europe comprised of two cells, including one in Bucharest, Romania that financed al-Qai'da in Europe by smuggling cigarettes and coffee .  Al-Dulaymi is responsible for facilitating the training, equipping and movement of foreign fighters into Iraq by recruiting Muslims in Europe to aid al-Qai'da by smuggling funds or weapons, or fighting Multinational Forces-Iraq.

As of late December 2006, al-Dulaymi facilitated the movement of money to an AQI financial facilitator in Fallujah, Iraq. At an unspecified time in 2006 or 2007, al-Dulaymi brought unspecified resources to an AQI leader in Iraq and subsequently brought several individuals to the same AQI leader for training in support of AQI operations.

In addition to providing financial, material, or technological support to AQI and al- Qai'da, al-Dulaymi provides services to Usama bin Laden.   As of late January 2007, al- Dulaymi allegedly carried a letter from bin Ladin to AQI leader Abu Ayyub al Masri, and in 2006, acted as an intermediary between AQI and al-Qai'da members surrounding bin Laden.

Atilla Selek

Atilla Selek traveled to Pakistan in July 2006, where he received military training at an IJU camp and subsequently became a part of the organization.   Following his training, Selek helped supply IJU with volunteers to engage in terrorist activities and took part in a plot to bomb U.S. military installations and other sites in Germany.  On December 15, 2008, Selek was charged in Germany with being a member of a terrorist organization and preparing a crime using explosives. On March 4, 2010, he was sentenced to five years imprisonment.

Selek was previously added to the UN 1267 Sanctions Committee's Consolidated List of individuals and entities associated with Usama bin Laden, al-Qai'da, and the Taliban.  All UN member states are obligated to freeze the funds and other assets of listed individuals and entities included on the 1267 Committee's Consolidated List and to apply other sanctions, including a travel ban and arms embargo.   The United States implements its asset freeze through Executive Order 13224.    

Additional information on Selek is provided in the public statement of the case supporting his inclusion on the 1267 Committee's Consolidated List, available at


Identifying Information:


AL-DULAYMI, Ahmad Khalaf Shabib

AKA:                                                  Ahmed Aldolemy

AKA:                                                  Hajji Ahmad

AKA:                                                  Abu Sulayman

AKA:                                                  Abu Shabshar

AKA:                                                  Hajji Wa'il

AKA:                                                  Ahmad Khalaf Shabib al-'Issawi al-Dulaymi

AKA:                                                   Ahmed Khalaf Shebab Aldolemy

AKA:                                                  Ahmad Khalaf Shabib

AKA:                                                  Ahmad Shabib al-Dulaymi

AKA:                                                  Ahmad Khalaf Abd Shabib al-Isawi

AKA:                                                  Ahmad al-Isawi

AKA:                                                  Abu Usama Ahmad

AKA:                                                  Ahmad Khalaf Shabib al-Issawi

AKA:                                                  Ahkmad Kalaf Shadid

AKA:                                                  Ahmad Khalaf Abd Shabib

AKA:                                                  Ahmad Khalaf Shabib al-Asafi al-Dulaymi

Date of Birth:                                      May 25, 1972

Place of Birth:                                     al-Fallujah, Iraq

Nationality:                                         Iraq

Citizenship:                                         United Kingdom

Location:                                             London, United Kingdom

Alt. Location:                                      Fallujah, Iraq

Passport #:                                           C00168817

Date of Issue:                                       December 8, 2005

Date of Expiration:                             May 25, 2015

Alt. Passport:                                      Iraqi Passport # G1407597


SELEK, Atilla

AKA:                                                  Muaz

Nationality:                                         German (since April 7, 2005)

DOB:                                                  February 28, 1985

POB:                                                   Ulm, Germany

German Passport:                                 702142921

Issued:                                                 Ulm

                                                            Valid until December 3, 2011

German National Identity Card:          702092811

Issued:                                                 Ulm

                                                            Valid until April 6, 2010

Other Information:                               Currently incarcerated at JVA Bruchsal





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