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 Treasury Targets Pakistan-Based Terrorist Organizations Lashkar-E Tayyiba and Jaish-E Mohammed

Treasury Action Includes Designation of Key Operational Commander in Mumbai Attacks
WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of the Treasury today targeted the financial and support networks of Pakistan-based terrorist organizations Lashkar-e Tayyiba (LET) and Jaish-e Mohammed (JEM). Treasury took action against Azam Cheema, who helped train operatives for the November 2008 Mumbai attacks and was the "mastermind" behind the July 2006 Mumbai train bombings carried out by LET, for acting for or on behalf of LET. Treasury also acted against Hafiz Abdul Rahman Makki, head of LET's political affairs department, for acting for or on behalf of LET. Al Rehmat Trust, an operational front for JEM was designated for providing support to and for acting for or on behalf of JEM, and Mohammed Masood Azhar Alvi, JEM's founder and leader, was also designated today for acting for on behalf of JEM. Today's action, taken pursuant to Executive Order (E.O.) 13224, prohibits U.S. persons from engaging in any transactions with these individuals and entity and freezes any assets the designees have under U.S. jurisdiction.
"LET and JEM have proven both their willingness and ability to execute attacks against innocent civilians," said Stuart Levey, Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence. "Today's action – including the designation of Azam Cheema, one of LET's leading commanders who was involved in the 2008 and 2006 Mumbai attacks – is an important step in incapacitating the operational and financial networks of these deadly organizations.
Azam Cheema
Azam Cheema is a key commander in the operations of LET, a Pakistan-based terrorist group held responsible for the November 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, and which has links to Usama bin Ladin and the al Qaida network. LET was designated by the United States pursuant to E.O. 13224 and as a Foreign Terrorist Organization in December 2001, and also designated by the UN 1267 Committee in May 2005.
Cheema has also been described as LET's surveillance or intelligence chief and has been involved in LET's training activities, specifically training LET members in bomb making and skills needed to infiltrate India. The cell that carried out the November 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India received some of their training from Cheema. He is also reported to have been involved in the July 2006 Mumbai train bombings perpetrated by LET.
In 2008, Cheema, the former LET commander for Bahawalpur, Punjab Province, Pakistan, was appointed to be an operations advisor to LET senior leader Zaki-Ur-Rehman Lakhvi, who was also previously designated by the UN 1267 Committee. As of 2004, Cheema was identified as being responsible for LET's external operational planning.
Hafiz Abdul Rahman Makki
As of late 2008, Hafiz Abdul Rahman Makki was reported to be head of LET's political affairs department and served as head of LET's foreign relations department. Makki has also played a role in raising funds for LET. In early 2007, he gave approximately $248,000 to an LET training camp and approximately $165,000 to an LET-affiliated madrassa.
Al Rehmat Trust
JEM is a Pakistan-based terrorist group designated in October 2001 by the United States pursuant to E.O. 13224 and by the UN 1267 Committee, and also designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) by the State Department in 2001. After it was banned in Pakistan in 2002, JEM began using al Rehmat Trust as a front for its operations. Al Rehmat Trust has provided support for militant activities in Afghanistan and Pakistan, including financial and logistical support to foreign fighters operating in both countries. In early 2009, several prominent members of al Rehmat Trust were recruiting students for terrorist activities in Afghanistan.
Al Rehmat Trust has also been involved in fundraising for JEM, including for militant training and indoctrination at its mosques and madrassas. As of early 2009, al Rehmat Trust had initiated a donation program in Pakistan to help support families of militants who had been arrested or killed. And in early 2007, al Rehmat Trust was raising funds on behalf of Khudam-ul Islam, an alias for JEM. Al Rehmat Trust has also provided financial support and other services to the Taliban, including financial support to wounded Taliban fighters from Afghanistan.
Mohammed Masood Azhar Alvi
Mohammed Masood Azhar Alvi (Azhar) founded JEM in 2000 and is the head of al Rehmat Trust. He is also a former leader of the terrorist group Harakat al Mujahadin, aka Harakat ul-Ansar; most of these groups' members subsequently joined JEM under Azhar's leadership. In 2008, JEM recruitment posters in Pakistan contained a call from Azhar for volunteers to join the fight in Afghanistan against Western forces.
Identifying Information:
Individual:                 AZAM CHEEMA
AKA:                           Azam Chima
AKA:                           Azim Chima
AKA:                           Asim Cheema
AKA:                           Azzam Cheema
AKA:                           Mohammed Azam Cheema
AKA:                           Chima Bhai
DOB:                         1953
POB:                          Faisalabad, Pakistan
Address:                   Islamabad, Pakistan
Alt Address #2:        Muzaffarabad, Pakistan
Alt Address #3:        Bahawalpur, Pakistan
Citizenship:              Pakistani
Individual:                 HAFIZ ABDUL RAHMAN MAKKI
AKA:                           Hafiz Abdul Rehman Makki
AKA:                           Hafaz Abdul Rahman Maki
AKA:                           Abdulrahman Makki
DOB:                         1948
POB:                          Bahawalpur, Punjab province, Pakistan
Address:                   Muridke, Punjab province, Pakistan
Entity:                         AL REHMAT TRUST
AKA:                            al-Rahmat Trust
AKA:                            al-Rehman Trust
AKA:                            ur-Rahman Trust
AKA:                            ar-Rahman Trust
AKA:                            ur-Ramat Trust
Address:                    537/1-Z Defense Housing Area (DHA) Lahore, Pakistan
Address:                    Office 22, Third Floor, al Fatah Plaza, Commercial Market, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Address:                    Room No. 22, 3rd Floor, al-Fateh Plaza, Commercial Market Road, Chandi Chowk, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Address:                    Karachi, Pakistan
Address:                    Muzaffarabad, Nelam Road, Bandi Chehza, Pakistan
Address:                    Balakot, Besyan Chouk, Pakistan
Address:                    Haripur, Rajana Road Srah-Salah, Pakistan
Address:                    Rehana Road, Sirai Salih, Post Box #22, G.P.O. Haripur, Northwest Frontier Province, Pakistan
Individual:                  MOHAMMAD MASOOD AZHAR ALVI
AKA:                            Masud Azhar
AKA:                            Wali Adam Isah
AKA:                            Wali Adam Esah
Title:                            Maulana
DOB:                           July 10, 1968
Alt. DOB:                    June 10, 1968
POB:                           Bahawalpur, Punjab Province, Pakistan
Address:                    1260/108, Block No.6-B, Kausar Colony, Model Town-B, Bahawalpur, Punjab Province, Pakistan
Alt. Address:               Lahore City, Lahore District, Punjab Province, Pakistan
Citizenship:                Pakistani
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