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Economic and Financial Data for the United States

National Summary Data Page (NSDP)

The data shown in this page correspond to the data described on the International Monetary Fund’s Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board (DSBB). For a fuller explanation of the DSBB and the statistical standards to which the United States has committed, please click on DSBB Home Page. 

SDDS Category and Component Link to data in national presentation Link to prescribed components in SDMX formats Link to additional information
Real Sector
National Account  BEA  BEA  Metadata
Sectoral Balance Sheets  FRB FRB  Metadata
Production Index  FRB  FRB  Metadata
Employment  BLS  BLS  Metadata
Unemployment  BLS  BLS  Metadata
Wages/Earnings  BLS  BLS  Metadata
Consumer Price Index  BLS  BLS  Metadata
Producer Price Index  BLS  BLS  Metadata
​ ​ ​ ​Fiscal Sector
​General Government Operations BEA BEA  ​Metadata
​General Government Operations (financing) FRB FRB  Metadata
General Government Gross Debt  FRB FRB  Metadata
Central Government Operations   Treasury   Treasury  Metadata
Central Government Debt  Treasury  Treasury  Metadata
Financial Sector
Depository Corporations Survey  FRB  FRB  Metadata
Central Bank Survey  FRB  FRB  Metadata
Other Financial Corporations Survey  FRB  FRB  Metadata
Financial Soundness Indicators  FRB  FRB  Metadata
Debt Securities  FRB FRB  Metadata
Interest Rates1  FRB    Metadata
Stock Market: Share Price Index2  NYSE    Metadata
External Sector
Balance of Payments BEA  BEA  Metadata
International Reserves  Treasury  Treasury  Metadata
Template on International Reserves and Foreign Currency Liquidity  Treasury  Treasury  Metadata
Merchandise Trade  Census  BEA  Metadata
International Investment Position  BEA  BEA  Metadata
External Debt  Treasury  Treasury  Metadata
Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey1  IMF    Metadata
Coordinated Direct Investment Survey1  IMF    Metadata
Currency Composition of Foreign Exchange Reserves1  Participant    Metadata
Exchange Rates1  FRB    Metadata
Population  Census  Treasury  Metadata

1SDMX dissemination is not required for this category.

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