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Treasury International Capital System

TIC Contact Information

  1. For the MEDIA (reporters, newspapers, radio/TV, trade publications, wire services, newsletters) All media queries should be directed to the Press Office at (202) 622-2960 or Media Inquiry Form.
  2. For all other Data Users: Use the following form to send us your questions or comments regarding any of the TIC statistics. Or phone the staff at Treasury 202-622-1276 or -7527.

    The Comments field is required. Give your phone number or Email address if you want a reply.

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  3. ONLY for TIC-reporters filing TIC Reports & Forms:
    1. For B, C, D & S monthly reports:
      • email FRBNY-TIC,
      • or phone Tel. (212) 720-6357, or (646) 720-6357.
    2. For SHL or SHLA reports:
      • email FRBNY-SHL,
      • or phone (212) 720-6300 or (646) 720-6300.
    3. For SHC or SHCA reports:
      • email FRBNY-SHC,
      • or phone (212) 720-6300 or (646) 720-6300.
    4. For SLT quarterly and monthly reports:
      • email FRBNY-SHC,
      • or phone (212) 720-6300 or (646) 720-6300.