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TIC C-Forms and Instructions

(New 05-27-2016) Proposed Renewal of all TIC C-Forms, to begin September 2016:
  • Federal Register Notice May 2016.PDF icon No revisions are proposed for the C-forms or Instructions. Comments are invited from the public by July 26, 2016.
Current Forms and Instructions Now in Effect for reports as-of December 2013 and afterwards:
(FINAL, 9-27-2013) The revisions of the C-forms were approved by OMB. The final Forms and Instructions are available below. They will be effective for reports as of December 31, 2013 and afterwards. There have been no significant changes since the June 2013 updates; there was a correction on 11-1-2013 in all forms where the order of the two names in country code 3647-1 were changed to read "St. Barthelemy and St. Martin".
  • Federal Register Notice of January 2013PDF icon announced revisions to each form. The revisions include a significant shift of the reporting panel from the C forms to the B forms -- with the result that all financial institutions will report on the B forms.
  • Final Form CQ-1 PDF icon (effective for reports as-of December 2013 and thereafter) -- Financial Liabilities to, and Claims on, Unaffiliated Foreigners.
  • Final Form CQ-2 PDF icon (effective for reports as-of December 2013 and thereafter) -- Commercial Liabilities to, and Claims on, Unaffiliated Foreigners.
  • Final Instructions for all C-Forms PDF icon (effective for reports as-of December 2013 and thereafter).
    -- Appendix B: Geographical ClassificationPDF icon (for reports as-of December 2013 and afterwards) with codes for foreign countries, areas, and organizations.
    -- Appendix C: Selected foreign official institutions (for reports as-of December 2013 and afterwards).
Expired Forms and Instructions (in effect for reports as-of June 2006 through November 2013):
Additional Information:
  • Federal Register Notice: public notice of proposed revisions to each form, July 2005 PDF icon
The TIC C-forms are part of the Treasury International Capital (TIC) data reporting system, which is required by law (22 U.S.C. 286f; 22 U.S.C. 3103; E.O. 10033; 31 C.F.R. 128). They are designed to collect quarterly and reliable information on the international portfolio capital claims and liabilities with unaffiliated foreigners of U.S. nonfinancial firms (it was "of U.S. nonbank firms" prior to the reports as of December 2013). This information is necessary for compiling the U.S. balance of payments accounts and the U.S. international investment position, and for formulating U.S. international financial and monetary policies.
Who Reports on the C-forms:
All nonbanking enterprises, nonprofit institutions, and other specified nonfinancial U.S. persons, including commercial and industrial firms. Before reports as of December 31, 2014, the reporting panel also included insurance companies and mutual funds. (See Part I.D of the instructions for a list of other organizations.) Excluded are depository institutions, bank holding companies and financial holding companies, securities brokers and dealers, and other financial firms, all of which report on the TIC B-forms.
Note: Effective with the data release on February 18, 2014, the reporting panel for the B-forms was redefined to include all financial firms. At the same time, the reporting panel for the C-forms was redefined to include only nonfinancial firms, effective with the March 18, 2014 release. As a result, beginning with the data as of December 2013, a number of data reporters that are nonbank financial firms were shifted from the nonbank statistics reported on the C-forms, now called the nonfinancial statistics, to the monthly banking statistics reported on the B-forms, now called the monthly financial-firm reported statistics.
Historical Forms and Instructions:
  • Other revisions beginning as-of June 2006: (a) section B on the previous form CQ-1 was eliminated (as a result, "Section (B)" on new form CQ-1 is the same as "Section C" on the previous form (before reports as-of March 2003); (b) the filing date for form CQ-2 was shortened to no later than 30 calendar days following the report's as-of date.
  • previous form CQ-1PDF icon (effective for reports as-of March 2003 through March 2006).
  • previous form CQ-2PDF icon (effective for reports as-of March 2003 through March 2006).
  • previous instructionsPDF icon (effective for reports as-of March 2003 through March 2006).
Last Updated: 5/27/2016 3:26 PM