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TIC Form D and Instructions

  • Updated, 10-19-2018) Final draft Form D instructions, not yet effective.
    • Federal Register Notice of May 2, 2018. Regarding the Notice's invitation for comments by July 2, only one comment has been received and it was supportive of the proposed changes.
    • No changes in Form D are made.
    • Final draft Instructions for Form D. A clarification in section IV.A “Specific Instructions for Part 1/over-the-counter contracts”, specifies that a central counterparty clearing house (CCP) is not considered an organized exchange for purposes of the TIC D report. Other changes are: (1) Listed “intermediate holding companies (IHCs)” in section I.C “Who Must Report/consolidation”. The listing formalizes the reporting change that was effective beginning January 1, 2015, under Regulation YY, 12 CFR 252. (2) Moved the glossary items to the separate consolidated TIC Glossary document on the Treasury website; the new appendix E contains a link to the TIC Glossary. (3) Updated (a) section I.E/“where to report”, (b) some internet links, (b) some page numbers, and (c) descriptions of “other statistical reports” in section I.B.
    Current Form D and Instructions Now in Effect for reports as-of December 2013 and afterwards:
    • (02-04-2015) Federal Register Notice of February 28, 2015 invited comments from the public by March 30, 2015. No changes were proposed. OMB approved the 3-year extension of the form and instructions.
    • There was no federal register notice for the December 2013 update of the country list. The revision of the country list for all TIC reporting forms became effective for reports as of December 2013 and afterwards.
    • Form D PDF icon (effective for reports as-of December 2013 and thereafter) Holdings of, and Transactions in, Financial Derivatives.
      (Corrections: 6-14-2013) The form was updated to the new country list. (11-1-2013) The order of the two names in country code 3647-1 was changed to read "St. Barthelemy and St. Martin". (11-26-2013) Several minor changes were made on the cover page of the form: (a) the expiration date was corrected in the upper box on the right-side column; (b) in the "notes" box in the right-side column, the four notes were numbered 1 through 4; and (c) a reference to E.O. 11961 was included in the “Legal” box in the center column.
    • There are no changes to the instructions. Instructions for Form D (effective for reports as-of end-June 2012 and afterwards).
    • The following is more information on the new lists of countries and foreign official institutions:
      -- Geographical ClassificationPDF icon (revised for December 2013) with codes for foreign countries, areas, and organizations.
      -- Selected foreign official institutions (revised for December 2013).
    Expired Form D (in effect for reports as-of end-June 2012 through November 2013):
    • Form D , Holdings of, and Transactions in, Financial Derivatives. Effective for the reports as-of end-June 2012 through November 2013. There were no changes in the reporting requirements for the rows. The titles of two rows in Part 1 were changed to clarify what is to be reported: the title of row 2.a was changed to FORWARDS AND FOREIGN EXCHANGE SWAPS from FORWARDS, and row 2.b was changed to CURRENCY SWAPS in place of SWAPS.
    • Instructions for Form D (effective for reports as-of end-June 2012 and afterwards). The reporting deadline was shortened from 60 calendar days to 50 calendar days following the report’s as-of date. The other changes in the instructions were not substantive. Vertical bars in the text show the changes made from the March 2009 instructions.
    • Federal Register Notice of September 2011 invited comments from the public by November 14, 2011. The proposed changes were described in the section called "Current Actions". OMB approved the revisions for Form D in May 2012.
    Previous Form D and Instructions:
    Additional Information:
    Seminar Information:
    A Training Seminar on TIC Form D was held for respondents in 2007 at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
    The TIC Form D is part of the Treasury International Capital (TIC) data reporting system, which is required by law (22 U.S.C. 286f; 22 U.S.C. 3103; E.O. 10033; 31 C.F.R. 128), and is designed to gather quarterly and reliable information on the cross-border holdings of financial derivatives and on net settlement payments resulting from transactions in financial derivatives. This information is necessary for compiling the U.S. balance of payments accounts and the U.S. international investment position, and for formulating U.S. international financial and monetary policies.
    Who Reports on the Form D:
    All U.S. resident participants in derivatives markets that hold large amounts of financial derivatives contracts with foreign resident counterparties. (See Part I.D of the instructions for list of organizations included).
    Historical Forms and Instructions:
    1. Previous Form D , Holdings of, and Transactions in, Financial Derivatives(effective for reports as-of June 2006 through Dec 2008). The only change in the form was an expanded list of countries in the country column; the instructions were unchanged.
    2. First Form D (effective for reports as-of March 2005 through March 2006).
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