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NOTICE: TIC data will not be updated when Federal Government offices in Washington, D.C. are shut down.
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Statistics - U.S. International Portfolio Investment

  1. Monthly TIC Press Releases and Archives of data releases. Press releases are available first at "Press Center".

  2. Securities data:
    1. Monthly Transactions in Long-term Securities between U.S. and foreign residents. (Covers U.S. and foreign securities).

    2. Monthly Holdings of Securities (foreign holdings of U.S. securities, and U.S. holdings of foreign securities).
      Section A covers Major Foreign Holders of Treasuries; direct link to the MFH table. (Dec 2020 data was corrected on 02-19-2021)

    3. Annual and Semiannual Reports covering long-term and short-term securities, with separate reports on: (line 1) annual U.S. holdings of foreign securities (U.S. claims); NEW (11-25-2020) (1.a) annual U.S. holdings of foreign securities on nationality-basis; (2) annual Foreign holdings of U.S. securities (U.S. liabilities); (3) semiannual sector data on U.S. holders of foreign securities and foreign issuers; and (4) end-year CLO data and other special tables using annual survey data.

  3. U.S. Banking Data (reported by banks and all other financial firms) - monthly Liabilities to, and Claims on, foreign-residents.

  4. U.S. Derivatives Contracts - quarterly Holdings and Net Cash Settlements with foreign-residents.

  5. U.S. Nonfinancial Data (previously nonbanking) - quarterly Liabilities to, and Claims on, unaffiliated foreign-residents.

  6. Quarterly data on U.S. Gross External Debt.

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Related External information

  1. EXTERNAL websites with data on U.S. BOP, IIP, and Financial Accounts
    • BEA reports the official U.S. Balance of Payments and U.S. International Investment Position (quarterly).
      The Survey of Current Business publishes detailed articles on these and other BEA statistics.
    • Federal Reserve reports (on its Economic Research and Data page) quarterly Financial Accounts of the United States.-Z.1 (formerly called the Flow of Funds Accounts of the U.S.).
    • Treasury Bulletin: archives of quarterly TIC data in its "Capital Movements" tables (ended with December 2013 issue).
  2. Articles on TIC.


Notices and Announcements

  1. NEW (2-26-2021). The preliminary data from the annual survey on Foreign Portfolio Holdings of U.S. Securities at End-June 2020, along with the Press Release, are available on the SHLreports webpage.

  2. NEW (11-25-2020). Nationality-based data is available from the Federal Reserve Board staff for 2003-2019. These FRB staff data are based on the nationality of the issuer of the foreign security; in contrast the TIC report on U.S. portfolio holdings of foreign securities is based on the residence of the issuer of the security. See line 1.a on the Securities(c) webpage.

  3. NEW (10-30-2020). The Final Report on U.S. Portfolio Holdings of Foreign Securities at End-year 2019 is available from the shc reports webpage (which is available from line 2 on the Securities(c) webpage). Also available on that webpage is the Press Release, dated October 30, 2020, along with historical data and reports on previous surveys.

  4. (7-19-2019). Data and a Federal Reserve paper on Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs) are available in section D of the Securities(c) webpage.

  5. (6-14-2017). On July 19, 2019, moved to section C on the Securities(C) webpage, data on U.S. private holdings of foreign securities, by various subsectors of U.S. private holders and of foreign issuers.

  6. (5-16-2016). Country data now replace certain aggregates (such as oil exporters and Caribbean banking centers) previously used in data on holdings of Treasury securities. See section A on the Securities(b) webpage. Also see the Press Release dated 05/16/2016.

  7. (4-15-2015) Starting with the April 15, 2015 release of monthly TIC data, the tables have been adjusted to cover a larger number of countries for data beginning in January 2015. The lists vary by data category; see the country list for each category, such as “Monthly Transactions in Long-term Securities”.


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