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NOTICE: TIC data will not be updated when Federal Government offices in Washington, D.C. are shut down.
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Statistics - U.S. International Portfolio Investment

  1. Monthly TIC Press Releases and Archives of data releases. Press releases are available first at "Press Center".

  2. Securities data:
    1. Monthly Transactions in Long-term Securities between U.S. and foreign residents. (Covers U.S. and foreign securities).

    2. Monthly Holdings of Securities (foreign holdings of U.S. securities, and U.S. holdings of foreign securities).
      Section A covers Major Foreign Holders of Treasuries; direct link to the MFH table.

    3. Annual and Semiannual Reports covering long-term and short-term securities, with separate reports on: (1) annual Foreign holdings of U.S. securities (U.S. liabilities); (2) annual U.S. holdings of foreign securities (U.S. claims); (3) semiannual sector data on U.S. holders of foreign securities and foreign issuers; and (4) end-year CLO data and other special tables using annual survey data.

  3. U.S. Banking Data (reported by banks and all other financial firms) - monthly Liabilities to, and Claims on, foreign-residents.

  4. U.S. Derivatives Contracts - quarterly Holdings and Net Cash Settlements with foreign-residents.

  5. U.S. Nonfinancial Data (previously nonbanking) - quarterly Liabilities to, and Claims on, unaffiliated foreign-residents.

  6. Quarterly data on U.S. Gross External Debt.

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Related External information

  1. EXTERNAL websites with data on U.S. BOP, IIP, and Financial Accounts
    • BEA reports the official U.S. Balance of Payments and U.S. International Investment Position (quarterly).
      The Survey of Current Business publishes detailed articles on these and other BEA statistics.
    • Federal Reserve reports (on its Economic Research and Data page) quarterly Financial Accounts of the United States.-Z.1 (formerly called the Flow of Funds Accounts of the U.S.).
    • Treasury Bulletin: archives of quarterly TIC data in its "Capital Movements" tables (ended with December 2013 issue).
  2. Articles on TIC.


Notices and Announcements

  1. NEW (4-30-2020). The Final Report on Foreign Portfolio Holdings of U.S. Securities at End-June 2019 is available from the shl reports webpage (which is available from line 1 on the Securities(c) webpage). Also available on that webpage is the Press Release, dated April 30, 2020, along with historical data and reports on previous surveys.

  2. NEW (10-31-2019). The Final Report on U.S. Portfolio Holdings of Foreign Securities at End-year 2018 is available from the shc reports webpage (which is available from line 2 on the Securities(c) webpage). Also available on that webpage is the Press Release, dated October 31, 2019, along with historical data and reports on previous surveys.

  3. (7-19-2019). Data and a Federal Reserve paper on Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs) are available in section D of the Securities(c) webpage.

  4. (6-14-2017). On July 19, 2019, moved to section C on the Securities(C) webpage, data on U.S. private holdings of foreign securities, by various subsectors of U.S. private holders and of foreign issuers.

  5. (5-16-2016). Country data now replace certain aggregates (such as oil exporters and Caribbean banking centers) previously used in data on holdings of Treasury securities. See section A on the Securities(b) webpage. Also see the Press Release dated 05/16/2016.

  6. (4-15-2015) Starting with the April 15, 2015 release of monthly TIC data, the tables have been adjusted to cover a larger number of countries for data beginning in January 2015. The lists vary by data category; see the country list for each category, such as “Monthly Transactions in Long-term Securities”.


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