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 Securities (A): U.S. Transactions with Foreign-Residents in Long-Term Securities

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  1. Recent Net Foreign Purchases, by country
    1. Net purchases of U.S. long-term securities:
      1. By month. Also in csv format.
      2. By quarter. Also in csv format.
    2. Net purchases of Foreign long-term securities:
      1. By month. Also in csv format.
      2. By quarter. Also in csv format.

  2. Gross & Net Purchases by All Foreigners of long-term Asset-Backed Securities (ABS). (See News #2 below.)
    1. Foreign Net purchases of U.S. ABS:
      1. By month.
    2. U.S. Net purchases of Foreign ABS:
      1. By month.

  3. Gross Foreign Purchases and Sales, by country:
    1. By Country

    2. Grand Total (total of all countries).
    3. Global (includes a set for each country) (4,000 KB). Also available in "csv" and "txt (tab-delimited)"formats to download for spreadsheets. The list of country codes-country names is in "Resources" in the upper-right section of the webpage.
    4. Europe & Canada
    5. Latin America & Caribbean
    6. Asia
    7. Africa, International Organizations, & Others

  4. Special Series for U.S. Securities

  5. Monthly Press Release webpage, including: historical data (csv); FAQs on lines in the press release data table; and Archives webpage of previous monthly TIC data releases.

  6. Net Foreign Purchases of U.S. long-term securities by major foreign sector:
    1. U.S. Treasury Bonds & Notes;
    2. U.S. Gov't Corp. & Federally-sponsored Agency Bonds.
      -- Comparison with Federal Reserve data on official holdings (FAQ #10.b);
    3. U.S. Corporate & Other Bonds;
    4. U.S. Stocks.

  7. Other Acquisitions of U.S. Long-term Securities:
    1. Estimates by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York of unrecorded principal repayments to foreigners on domestic corporate and agency asset-backed securities (ABS). (The methodology was last revised on 11-16-2012, when use of the SLT data began.)
    2. Estimated foreign portfolio acquisitions of U.S. stocks through stock swaps.

  8. Special Series for Foreign Securities

  9. Net Purchases of Foreign Long-term Securities, by type of foreign security.

  10. Estimated U.S. portfolio acquisitions of foreign stocks through stock swaps.



  1. The ABS data in section B above are part of Grand Total transactions; have no country breakdown; do not include periodic repayments; and began in March 2009. The net ABS figures are also shown in section A above, on the "of which" line under "Grand Total" near the bottom of the table.
3/23/2017 5:03 PM

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