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Can I get a loan or a grant from the Treasury Department?

The Treasury Department generally does not administer any financial assistance, loan, or loan guarantee programs to individuals or businesses.  Here are some resources:


I have been notified that the Treasury Department owes me money or is holding funds (or property) in my name. The letter indicates that I can receive this unclaimed property if I pay a "finders" fee. Can you help?


Several companies, or locator services, engaged in the business of identifying and recovering unclaimed assets for profit, acquire federal check issuance data from FMS and various federal government agencies under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act. The information requested by these companies pertains to specific check symbols, numbers and dollar amounts identified on Treasury check cancellation listings compiled by FMS. These listings are not searchable by personal identifiers, such as a person's name or social security number. Personal identifiers may, however, exist in federal agencies' check issuance or cancellation records. Using such personal identifiers, if available, these locator services attempt to locate the prospective beneficiaries, or "payees," for canceled/unpaid government checks and, on their behalf, attempt to collect the payment amounts from the federal agencies that originally certified the payments. It is important to note that these firms are also involved in recovering unclaimed property in the possession of state and local government entities.


Lost or Expired Checks - This site tells you how to file a claim for a lost or stolen check.

Treasury Hunt website - Visit this site to find out whether you own savings bonds that have matured and are no longer earning interest or if you have Treasury security payments that were returned as undeliverable. The site is managed by the Bureau of Public Debt. - Visit this page on for additional information on unclaimed money.

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