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12 Key Standards and Self Assessments- Code 3

3. Special Data Dissemination Standard

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The economic turbulence of the last decade underscored the role that information deficiencies can play in contributing to market turmoil. In response, the IMF developed the SDDS to provide guidance on the dissemination of economic and financial data to the public by countries that have, or might seek, access to international capital markets.

Countries subscribing to the SDDS undertake to follow good statistical practices in four dimensions of data dissemination:

  • Data: adequate coverage of four sectors of the economy, periodicity and timeliness of the data disseminated;
  • Access by the public: dissemination of advance release calendars, and simultaneous release of the data to all interested parties;
  • Integrity of the data: disclosing information on laws, terms and conditions governing the compilation and release of the data, access to data by other government officials prior to release, ministerial commentary accompanying released data, revision policy, and advance notice of major changes in methodology; and
  • Quality of the data: the dissemination of documentation on methodology and sources, and of other data that support statistical cross checks.

Reporting by the U.S. in accordance with the SDDS has been a cooperative interagency process, involving the Departments of Treasury, Commerce, and Labor, as well as the Federal Reserve Board.

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