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The following [LIBERIA] entries have been added to OFAC's SDN list (without the "a.k.a.s" listed as separate entries in this bulletin):

ALLEN, Cyril, Former Chairman, National Patriotic Party of Liberia; DOB 26 Jul 1952; nationality Liberian; alt. nationality Nigerian (individual) [LIBERIA]

BOUT, Viktor Anatolijevitch (a.k.a. BONT; a.k.a. BOUTOV; a.k.a. BUTT; a.k.a. BUTTE; a.k.a. SERGITOV, Vitali), Businessman, dealer and transporter of weapons and minerals; DOB 13 Jan 1967; alt. DOB 13 Jan 1970 (individual) [LIBERIA]

BRIGHT, Charles R., Former Minister of Finance of Liberia; DOB 29 Aug 1948 (individual) [LIBERIA]

CISSE, M. Moussa (a.k.a. KAMARA, Mamadee), Former Chief of Presidential Protocol of Liberia; Chairman, Mohammed Group of Companies; DOB 24 Dec 1946; alt. DOB 26 Jun 1944; Diplomatic Passport No. D-001548-99 (Liberia); Passport No. 0058070 (Liberia) (individual) [LIBERIA]

COOPER, Randolph, Former Managing Director, Roberts International Airport; DOB 28 Oct 1950 (individual) [LIBERIA]

DARRAH, Kaddieyatu (a.k.a. DARA, Kaddieyatu; a.k.a. DARA, Kadiyatu; a.k.a. DARAH, Kadiyatu), Special Assistant to former President of Liberia Charles Taylor (individual) [LIBERIA]

DUNBAR, Belle Y., Former Managing Director, Liberian Petroleum Refining Company; DOB 27 Oct 1967; alt. DOB 27 Oct 1963 (individual) [LIBERIA]

DUNBAR, Jenkins, Former Minister of Lands, Mines, Energy of Liberia; DOB 10 Jan 1947 (individual) [LIBERIA]

FAWAS, Abbas, President, Maryland Wood Processing Industries; President, United Logging Company; nationality Lebanese (individual) [LIBERIA]

GIBSON, Myrtle, Former Liberian Senator; advisor to former President of Liberia Charles Taylor; DOB 03 Nov 1952 (individual) [LIBERIA]

GOODRIDGE, Reginald B. (Senior) (a.k.a. GOODRICH, Reginald B. (Senior)), Former Minister for Culture, Information, Tourism of Liberia; DOB 11 Nov 1952 (individual) [LIBERIA]

JOBE, Baba, Director, Gambia New Millenium Air Company; Member of Parliament of Gambia; nationality Gambian (individual) [LIBERIA]

KIIA TAI, Joseph Wong, Executive, Oriental Timber Company (individual) [LIBERIA]

KLEILAT, Ali, Businessman; DOB 10 Jul 1970; POB Beirut, Lebanon; nationality Lebanese (individual) [LIBERIA]

KOUWENHOVEN, Gus (a.k.a. KOUENHAVEN, Gus; a.k.a. KOUENHOVEN, Gus; a.k.a. KOUVENHOVEN, Gus), President, Oriental Timber Company; Owner, Hotel Africa; Villa # 1, Hotel Africa Virginia, Monrovia, Liberia; P.O. Box 1522, Monrovia, Liberia; DOB 15 Sep 1942; nationality Dutch (individual) [LIBERIA]

MININ, Leonid (a.k.a. BLAVSTEIN; a.k.a. BLUVSHTEIN; a.k.a. BLYAFSHTEIN; a.k.a. BLYUFSHTEIN; a.k.a. BLYUVSHTEIN; a.k.a. BRESLAN, Wolf; a.k.a. BRESLAN, Wulf; a.k.a. KERLER, Vladimir Abramovich; a.k.a. OSOLS, Igor; a.k.a. POPELA, Vladimir Abramovich; a.k.a. POPELAVESKI, Vladimir Abramovich; a.k.a. POPELO, Vladimir Abramovich; a.k.a. POPELOVESKI, Vladimir Abramovich; a.k.a. POPILOVESKI, Vladimir Abramovich), Owner, Exotic Tropical Timber Enterprise; DOB 14 Dec 1947; alt. DOB 18 Oct 1946; Passport No. 5280007248D (Germany); alt. Passport No. 18106739D (Germany); Passport No. 6019832 (6 Nov 1994 to 5 Nov 1999) (Israel); alt. Passport No. 9001689 (23 Jan 1997 to 22 Jan 2002) (Israel); alt. Passport No. 90109052 (26 Nov 1997) (Israel); Passport No. KI0861177 (Russia); Passport No. 65118 (Bolivia); nationality Ukrainian (individual) [LIBERIA]

NASR, Samir M. (a.k.a. RUPRAH, Sanjivan), Businessman; Former Deputy Commissioner, Bureau of Maritime Affairs of Liberia; DOB 9 Aug 1966; Passport No. D-001829-00 (Liberia); nationality Kenyan (individual) [LIBERIA]

NEAL, Juanita, Former Deputy Minister of Finance of Liberia; DOB 09 May 1947 (individual) [LIBERIA]

SALAMI, Mohamed Ahmad (a.k.a. SALAME, Mohamed Ahmad), Owner, Mohamed Group of Companies; former President of Liberia Charles Taylor's informal diplomatic representative; DOB 22 Sep 1961; nationality Lebanese (individual) [LIBERIA]

SANKOH, Foday, Deceased (individual) [LIBERIA]

SHAW, Emmanuel (II), Advisor to former President of Liberia Charles Taylor; DOB 26 Jul 1946; alt. DOB 26 Jul 1956; alt. DOB 29 Jul 1956 (individual) [LIBERIA]

TAYLOR, Charles Ghankay (a.k.a. SOME, Jean-Paul; a.k.a. SONE, Jean-Paul; a.k.a. TAYLOR, Charles MacArthur), Former President of Liberia; DOB 1 Sep 1947 (individual) [LIBERIA]

TAYLOR, Charles (Junior) (a.k.a. "Chuckie"), Advisor and son of former President of Liberia Charles Taylor; DOB 12 Feb 1978 (individual) [LIBERIA]

TAYLOR, Tupee Enid, Ex-wife of former President of Liberia Charles Taylor; DOB 17 Dec 1962 (individual) [LIBERIA]

REEVES-TAYLOR, Agnes (a.k.a. REEVES-TAYLOR; a.k.a. TAYLOR, Agnes Reeves), Ex-wife of former President of Liberia Charles Taylor; ex-Permanent Representative of Liberia to the International Maritime Organization; DOB 27 Sep 1965; nationality Liberian (individual) [LIBERIA]

TAYLOR, Jewell Howard, Wife of former President of Liberia Charles Taylor; DOB 17 Jan 1963 (individual) [LIBERIA]

UREY, Benoni, Former Commissioner of Maritime Affairs OF Liberia; DOB 22 Jun 1957; Diplomatic Passport No. D-00148399 (Liberia) (individual) [LIBERIA]

YEATON, Benjamin (a.k.a. YEATEN, Benjamin), Former Director, Special Security Services of Liberia; Diplomatic Passport No. D-00123299 (Liberia) (individual) [LIBERIA]

All of OFAC's SDN material has been updated accordingly.

Last Updated: 1/5/2011 11:03 PM