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The following individuals have been added to OFAC's SDN list:

ANSHORI, Abdullah (a.k.a. THOYIB, Ibnu; a.k.a. TOYIB, Ibnu; a.k.a. "ABU FATHI"; a.k.a. "ABU FATIH"); DOB 1958; POB Pacitan, East Java, Indonesia; nationality Indonesia (individual) [SDGT]

BA'ASYIR, Abu Bakar (a.k.a. BAASYIR, Abu Bakar; a.k.a. BASHIR, Abu Bakar; a.k.a. "ABDUS SAMAD"; a.k.a. "ABDUS SOMAD"); DOB 17 Aug 1938; POB Jombang, East Java, Indonesia; nationality Indonesia (individual) [SDGT]

GUNAWAN, Gun Gun Rusman (a.k.a. GUNAWAN, Rusman; a.k.a. "ABD AL-HADI"; a.k.a. "ABDUL HADI"; a.k.a. "ABDUL KARIM"; a.k.a. "BUKHORI"; a.k.a. "BUKHORY"); DOB 6 Jul 1977; POB Cianjur, West Java, Indonesia; nationality Indonesia (individual) [SDGT]

RIFKI, Taufik (a.k.a. REFKE, Taufek; a.k.a. RIFQI, Taufik; a.k.a. RIFQI, Tawfiq; a.k.a. YACUB, Eric; a.k.a. "ABU OBAIDA"; a.k.a. "ABU OBAIDAH"; a.k.a. "ABU OBAYDA"; a.k.a. "ABU OBEIDA"; a.k.a. "ABU UBAIDAH"; a.k.a. "AMI IRAQ"; a.k.a. "AMI IRZA"; a.k.a. "AMI KUSOMAN"; a.k.a. "AMMY ERZA"; a.k.a. "AMMY IZZA"; a.k.a. "AMY ERJA"; a.k.a. "IZZA KUSOMAN"; a.k.a. "OBAIDAH"); DOB 29 Aug 1974 alt. DOB 19 Aug 1974; alt. DOB 9 Aug 1974; alt. DOB 19 Aug 1980; POB Dacusuman Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia; nationality Indonesia (individual) [SDGT]

Last Updated: 10/1/2010 3:11 PM