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Specially Designated Nationals List Update

The following individuals have been added to OFAC's SDN list:

SHAHRIYARI, Behnam (a.k.a. SHAHRIARI, Behnam; a.k.a. SHAHRYARI, Behnam); DOB 1968; nationality Iran (individual) [SDGT]

The following entities have been added to OFAC's SDN list:
BEHNAM SHAHRIYARI TRADING COMPANY, Ziba Building, 10th floor, North Sohrevardi Street, Tehran, Iran [SDGT]
IRAN AIR (a.k.a. AIRLINE OF THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN (HOMA); a.k.a. HAVAPEYMA MELI IRAN HOMA; a.k.a. HOMA; a.k.a. IRAN AIR CARGO; a.k.a. IRAN AIR P J S C; a.k.a. IRANAIR; a.k.a. IRANAIR CARGO; a.k.a. NATIONAL IRANIAN AIRLINES (HOMA); f.k.a. SHERKAT SAHAMI AAM HAVOPAYMAIE JOMHOURI ISLAMI IRAN), P.O. Box 13185-775, Mehrabad Airport, Tehran, Iran; Flour2, Cargo Building, Terminal3, Mehrabad Airport, Tehran, Iran; Bimeh Alborz side - 2km of karaj special road, Iran; Business Registration Document # 8132 (Iran)  issued 24 Feb 1961 [NPWMD]
IRANAIR TOURS (a.k.a. IRAN AIR TOURS; a.k.a. IRAN AIRTOUR AIRLINE), 187 Mofatteh Cross - Motahari Ave., Tehran  1587997811, Iran; 191 Motah-hari Ave., Dr. Mofatteh Crossroads, Tehran  15879, Iran; 191 - Motahari Ave., Tehran  15897, Iran; 110 Ahmadabad Ave., Between Mohtashami and Edalat Street, Mashhad  9176663479, Iran [NPWMD]
MEHR-E EQTESAD-E IRANIAN INVESTMENT COMPANY (a.k.a. MEHR EGHTESAD IRANIAN INVESTMENT COMPANY; a.k.a. MEHR IRANIAN ECONOMY COMPANY; a.k.a. MEHR IRANIAN ECONOMY INVESTMENTS; f.k.a. TEJARAT TOSE'E EQTESADI IRANIAN), No. 18, Iranian Building, 14th Alley, Ahmad Qassir Street, Argentina Square, Tehran, Iran; No. 48, 14th Alley, Ahmad Qassir Street, Argentina Square, Tehran, Iran; Business Registration Document # 103222 (Iran); Website; Telephone: 982188526300; Alt. Telephone: 982188526301; Alt. Telephone: 982188526302; Alt. Telephone: 982188526303; Alt. Telephone: 9821227700019l; Fax: 982188526337; Alt. Fax: 9221227700019 [NPWMD] [IRGC]
*TIDEWATER MIDDLE EAST CO. (a.k.a. TIDE WATER COMPANY; a.k.a. TIDE WATER MIDDLE EAST MARINE SERVICE; a.k.a. TIDEWATER CO. (MIDDLE EAST MARINE SERVICES)), No. 80, Tidewater Building, Vozara Street, Next to Saie Park, Tehran, Iran; Business Registration Document # 18745 (Iran); Email Address; alt. Email Address; Website; Telephone: 982188553321; Alt. Telephone: 982188554432; Fax: 982188717367; Alt. Fax: 982188708761; Alt. Fax: 982188708911 [NPWMD] [IRGC]

*There is no relationship between today's target, Tidewater Middle East Co., and Tidewater (US), an international shipping company headquartered in the United States, listed on the New York Stock Exchange as TDW. 
Last Updated: 6/23/2011 12:58 PM