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Specially Designated Nationals Update​ 

Please click here for more information on this action.
The following entities have been added to OFAC's SDN list:

BELSHINA OAO (a.k.a. BELSHINA OJSC; a.k.a. BELSHINA TYRE WORKS OAO; a.k.a. JSC BELSHINA; f.k.a. RUP BELORUSSKY SHINNY KOMBINAT BELSHINA), Minsk Highway, Bobruisk, Mogilev region, Belarus; Minsk Highway Bobruisk, 213824, Mogilev Region, Belarus; Minskoye schosse Bobruisk 213824, Mogilevskaya oblast, Belarus [BELARUS]

GRODNO AZOT OAO (f.k.a. GPO AZOT OJSC; f.k.a. GRODNESKOYE PROZVODSTVENNOYE OBYEDINENYE AZOT; a.k.a. GRODNO AZOT; f.k.a. RUP GRODNENSKOYE PO AZOT; f.k.a. RUP GPO AZOT), Prospekt Kosmanovtov 100, 230013, Grodno, Belarus; 100 Kosmonavtov Avenue, 230013, Grodno, Belarus; 100 Kosmonavtov pr., 230013, Grodno, Belarus [BELARUS]
GRODNO KHIMVOLOKNO OAO (a.k.a. GRODNO CHEMICAL FIBRE OJSC; a.k.a. GRODNO KHIMVOLOKNO JSC; a.k.a. JSC GRODNO KHIMVOLOKNO), 4 Slavinskogo Street, 230026, Grodno, Belarus; ulitsa Slavinskogo 4, 230026, Grodno, Belarus; str. Slavinskogo 4, 230026, Grodno, Belarus [BELARUS]
NAFTAN OAO (a.k.a. NAFTAN; a.k.a. NAFTAN OJSC; f.k.a. NAFTAN PRODUCTION ASSOCIATION; f.k.a. NAFTAN PROIZVODSTVENNOYE OBYEDINENYE), Industrial Area, Novopolotsk-1, 211440, Vitebsk Region, Belarus; Novopolotsk, 21140, Vitebsk region, Belarus; Novopolotsk, 211440, Vitebskaya Oblast, Belarus [BELARUS]
Last Updated: 8/11/2011 3:18 PM