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Transnational Criminal Organizations Designations


Specially Designated Nationals Update

The following individuals have been added to OFAC's SDN list:

MIRZOYEV, Temuri Suleimanovich (a.k.a. MIRZOEV, Temuri; a.k.a. "TIMUR SVERDLOVSKIY"; a.k.a. "TIMUR TBILISI"; a.k.a. "TIMUR TBILISSKIY"); DOB 7 May 1957; POB Tbilisi, Georgia (individual) [TCO]
SHEMAZASHVILI, Koba Shalvovich (a.k.a. SHERMAZASHVILI, Koba; a.k.a. "KOBA RUSTAVSKIY"; a.k.a. "TSITSILA"); DOB 1974; POB Rustavi, Georgia (individual) [TCO]
SHUSHANASHVILI, Kakhaber Pavlovich (a.k.a. KOSTOV, Nikolay Lyudmilo; a.k.a. ROSTOV, Nicholas; a.k.a. SEPIASHVILI, Moshe Israel; a.k.a. SHUSHANASHVILI, Kajaver; a.k.a. SHUSHANASHVILI, Kakha; a.k.a. "KAKHA RUSTAVSKIY"), 8 Rukavishnikov Street, Mariinskiy Posad, Chuvash Republic, Russia; DOB 8 Feb 1972; POB Rustavi, Georgia; alt. POB Kutaisi, Georgia; nationality Georgia (individual) [TCO]
SHUSHANASHVILI, Lasha Pavlovich (a.k.a. MALGASOV, Ymar; a.k.a. SHUSHANASHVILI, Iasha Pavlovich; a.k.a. "LASHA RUSTAVSKI"; a.k.a. "LASHA RUSTAVSKY"; a.k.a. "LASHA TOLSTY"); DOB 25 Jul 1961; POB Rustavi, Georgia; nationality Georgia (individual) [TCO]
VAGIN, Vladimir Viktorovich (a.k.a. "VAGON"), Sadaf 2 Sector, Tower C06-T06, Apartment 603, Dubai  32900, United Arab Emirates; DOB 3 Feb 1966; POB Raditshevo, Russia; nationality Russia (individual) [TCO]
Last Updated: 6/6/2012 1:37 PM