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Somalia Designations


Specially Designated Nationals Update

The following individuals have been added to OFAC's SDN list:

ABD EL-RAHMAN, Suhayl Salim (a.k.a. ABDURAHAMAN, Suhayl; a.k.a. AL-SUDANI, Abu Faris; a.k.a. FARIS, Abu; a.k.a. MUHAMMAD, Sahib; a.k.a. MUHAMMAD, Suhayl Salim; a.k.a. SALIM, Suhayl; a.k.a. UL-ABIDEEN, Zain; a.k.a. ZAYN, Haytham; a.k.a. "SABA"; a.k.a. "SANA"; a.k.a. "SUNDUS"); DOB 17 Jun 1984; alt. DOB 1990; POB Rabak, Sudan; Passport C0004350; Personal ID Card A00710804 (individual) [SOMALIA].

AHMED, Abubaker Shariff (a.k.a. AHMED, Abubakar; a.k.a. AHMED, Abubaker Shariff; a.k.a. AHMED, Sheikh Abubakar; a.k.a. MAKABURI; a.k.a. SHARIFF, Abu Makaburi; a.k.a. SHARIFF, Abubaker), Majengo Area, Mombasa, Kenya; DOB 1962; alt. DOB 1967; POB Kenya; citizen Kenya (individual) [SOMALIA].

GOITOM, Taeme Abraham (a.k.a. GEBREDENGEL, Simon; a.k.a. GOITOM, Te'ame; a.k.a. SELASSIE, Ta'ame Abraham; a.k.a. SELASSIE, Te'ame Abraha; a.k.a. SELASSIE, Te'ame Abraham; a.k.a. TA'AME, Abraham Selassie; a.k.a. "DA'AME"; a.k.a. "DHA'AME"; a.k.a. "GAAMEI"; a.k.a. "MEKELE"; a.k.a. "MEKELLE"; a.k.a. "MEQELE"; a.k.a. "TESFALEN"; a.k.a. "TSEGAI"); DOB 1957; alt. DOB 1956; POB Akale Guzay (Shemejena); Diplomatic Passport Laissez-Passer 02154; Colonel; Head of Eritrean External Intelligence Operation; Brigadier General (individual) [SOMALIA].

MOHAMMED, Aboud Rogo (a.k.a. MOHAMED, Aboud Rogo; a.k.a. MUHAMMAD, Aboud Rogo; a.k.a. ROGO, Aboud Mohammad; a.k.a. ROGO, Aboud Mohammed; a.k.a. ROGO, Aboud Seif; a.k.a. ROGO, Sheikh Aboud); DOB 11 Nov 1960; alt. DOB 11 Nov 1967; alt. DOB 11 Nov 1969; alt. DOB 01 Jan 1969; POB Kenya; alt. POB Lamu Island, Kenya; citizen Kenya (individual) [SOMALIA].

NEGASH, Tewolde Habte (a.k.a. KIDANE, Amanuel; a.k.a. MEHAREN, Senay Beraki; a.k.a. MUSA, Abdirahim; a.k.a. MUSA, Abdirahman; a.k.a. MUSE, Abdirahim; a.k.a. MUSE, Abdirahman; a.k.a. NAGASH, Tewaled Holde; a.k.a. NAGESH, Tewaled Holde; a.k.a. NEGASH, Bitewelde Habte; a.k.a. NEGASH, Emanuel; a.k.a. NEGASH, Ole; a.k.a. NEGASH, Tewelde Habte; a.k.a. NEGASH, Tewold Habte; a.k.a. "DESTA"; a.k.a. "WEDI"); DOB 05 Sep 1960; POB Asmara, Eritrea; Diplomatic Passport D0001060; alt. Diplomatic Passport D000080; Colonel (individual) [SOMALIA].

OMAR, Omar Awadh (a.k.a. AWADH, Omar; a.k.a. SAHAL, Omar); DOB 20 Sep 1973; POB Mombasa, Kenya; Passport A764712 (Kenya) expires 27 Mar 2013; alt. Passport B002271 (Kenya); alt. Passport KE007776 expires Aug 2009; Possibly Located in Kenya (individual) [SOMALIA].
Last Updated: 7/5/2012 11:01 AM