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Important Announcement for users of OFAC's File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Server

​On or about February 22, 2013, OFAC will be migrating the Specially Designated Nationals List data (and other sanctions-related information) that it maintains on its OFACFTP.TREAS.GOV server to a new location.  As a result, the IP address for this content will be changing.

The current IP address of "" will be changing to "" .  Users of the OFAC FTP server that connect to the server via IP address should switch to the new IP address on February 22, 2013.  However, OFAC will operate the old server in parallel until February 28, 2013.  Users of the OFAC FTP server are also reminded to advise their IT security personnel of this IP address change.  It may be necessary for your security personnel to allow FTP traffic out of your firewall to this new IP address.

This migration should be transparent to users that connect to the OFAC FTP server via its domain name "OFACFTP.TREAS.GOV" as the domain name will not change--it will just be associated with the new IP address.    

Last Updated: 2/12/2013 5:42 PM