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Burundi-related Designations; Central African Republic Designations


Specially Designated Nationals List Update

The following individuals have been added to OFAC's SDN List:
GAYE, Haroun (a.k.a. GAYE, Aroun; a.k.a. GEYE, Aroun; a.k.a. GUAYE, Haroun; a.k.a. GUEYE, Haroun), Bangui, Central African Republic; DOB 30 Jan 1968; alt. DOB 30 Jan 1969; Passport O00065872 (Central African Republic) expires 30 Dec 2019 (individual) [CAR].
NDIRAKOBUCA, Gervais (a.k.a. NDIRAKOBUCHA, Gervais; a.k.a. "Ndakugarika"), Burundi; DOB 01 Aug 1970; nationality Burundi; Passport DP0000761; General; Chief of Staff, Ministry of Public Security; Chief of Cabinet for Police Affairs; Burundian National Police Chief of Cabinet (individual) [BURUNDI].
NGAIKOSSET, Eugene Barret (a.k.a. NGAIKOISSET, Eugene; a.k.a. NGAIKOSSE, Eugene Barret; a.k.a. NGAIKOUESSET, Eugene; a.k.a. NGAKOSSET, Eugene; a.k.a. "The Butcher of Paoua"), Bangui, Central African Republic; DOB 08 Oct 1967; alt. DOB 10 Aug 1967; POB Bossangoa, Central African Republic; nationality Central African Republic; Identification Number 911-10-77 (Central African Republic) (individual) [CAR].
NGENDAKUMANA, Leonard; DOB 24 Nov 1968; nationality Burundi; Passport DP0000885; General; Burundian National Intelligence Service (SNR) Cabinet Chief (former) (individual) [BURUNDI].
NIYONZIMA, Joseph (a.k.a. NIJONZIMA, Joseph; a.k.a. NIYONZIMA, Mathias Joseph; a.k.a. NIYONZIMA, Salvator; a.k.a. "Kazungu"), Kinanira III, Kinindo, Bujumbura 257, Burundi; DOB 17 May 1960; alt. DOB 17 Jun 1960; alt. DOB 02 Jan 1967; alt. DOB 06 Mar 1956; POB Bukeye, Burundi; alt. POB Kanyosha Commune, Mubimbi, Bujumbura-Rural Province, Burundi; nationality Burundi; Passport OP0053090 (Burundi); alt. Passport OP0000185 (Burundi) issued 28 Jul 2011 expires 28 Jul 2016 (individual) [BURUNDI].
SINDUHIJE, Alexis (a.k.a. SINHUHIJE, Alexis); DOB 05 May 1967; alt. DOB 05 May 1966; POB Kamenge, Bujumbura, Burundi; nationality Burundi; Gender Male (individual) [BURUNDI]. 
Last Updated: 12/18/2015 3:39 PM