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Transnational Criminal Organization Designations


Specially Designated Nationals List Update

The following individuals have been added to OFAC's SDN List:

ROBERTO ORELLANA, Jose (Latin: ROBERTO ORELLANA, José) (a.k.a. "CHIBOLA"; a.k.a. "GORDO MAX"; a.k.a. "TIO SAM" (Latin: TÍO SAM); a.k.a. "TOLOLO"), Canton Cambio Chanmico, Calle Vieja, Casa #66, San Juan Opico, La Libertad, El Salvador; DOB 29 Jun 1973; Identification Number 011319137-3 (El Salvador) (individual) [TCO] (Linked To: MS-13). 
ROMERO GARCIA, Dany Balmore (Latin: ROMERO GARCÍA, Dany Balmore) (a.k.a. "BIG BOY"; a.k.a. "D-BOY"), Pje. 6, Casa 11, Soyapango, San Salvador, El Salvador; DOB 26 Apr 1974; Identification Number 04237453-4 (El Salvador) (individual) [TCO] (Linked To: MS-13).
Last Updated: 2/16/2016 2:08 PM

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