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Central African Republic Designations


Specially Designated Nationals List Update

The following individuals have been added to OFAC's SDN List:
KONY, Ali (a.k.a. BASHIR, Ali Lalobo; a.k.a. KAPERE, Otim; a.k.a. KONY, Ali Mohammed; a.k.a. LABOLA, Ali Mohammed; a.k.a. LABOLO, Ali Mohammad; a.k.a. LALOBO, Ali; a.k.a. LALOBO, Ali Bashir; a.k.a. LALOBO, Ali Mohammed; a.k.a. SALONGO, Ali Mohammed; a.k.a. "1-P"; a.k.a. "Bashir"; a.k.a. "Caesar"; a.k.a. "MOHAMMED, Ali"; a.k.a. "One-P"), Kafia Kingi; DOB 1994; alt. DOB 1995; alt. DOB 1993; alt. DOB 1992 (individual) [CAR] (Linked To: KONY, Joseph; Linked To: LORD'S RESISTANCE ARMY).
KONY, Salim (a.k.a. KONY, Salim Saleh; a.k.a. OBOL, Simon Salim; a.k.a. OGARO, Salim; a.k.a. OGARO, Salim Saleh Obol; a.k.a. SALEH, Salim; a.k.a. SALIM, Okolu), Kafia Kingi; Central African Republic; DOB 1992; alt. DOB 1991; alt. DOB 1993 (individual) [CAR] (Linked To: KONY, Joseph; Linked To: LORD'S RESISTANCE ARMY).


Last Updated: 8/23/2016 2:26 PM