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 Kingpin Act Designations


Specially Designated Nationals List Update

The following individuals have been added to OFAC's SDN List: 

PADROS DEGREGORI, Gino Dusan (a.k.a. PADROS DEGREGORI, Gino Dussan; a.k.a. "FLACO"), Lima, Peru; DOB 20 Oct 1977; alt. DOB 15 Oct 1977; POB Piura, Peru; citizen Peru; Gender Male; Passport 3096570 (Peru) issued 04 Jan 2005 expires 04 Jan 2010; alt. Passport 2395877 (Peru); RUC # 10068051059 (Peru); National ID No. 06805105-9 (Peru) (individual) [SDNTK] (Linked To: R INVER CORP S.A.C.; Linked To: G & M AUTOS S.A.C.; Linked To: SBK IMPORT S.A.C.).
ZEGARRA MARTINEZ, Guillermo Jean Pierre, Pasaje Ismael Pozo 159, Torres De San Borja, Lima, Peru; DOB 06 Jan 1984; POB Lima, Peru; Gender Male; Passport 4085740 (Peru) issued 12 Dec 2012 expires 17 Dec 2017; Driver's License No. Q-412185038 (Peru); RUC # 10421850386 (Peru); National ID No. 42185038-6 (Peru) (individual) [SDNTK].
The following entities have been added to OFAC's SDN List:
G & M AUTOS S.A.C. (a.k.a. G AND M AUTOS S.A.C.), Copacabana 162, La Molina, Lima 12, Peru; RUC # 20513664339 (Peru) [SDNTK].
R INVER CORP S.A.C., Avenida Los Precursores Numero 288 Dpto. 203 Urb. Maranga (Piso 2), San Miguel, Lima, Peru; RUC # 20562939068 (Peru) [SDNTK].
SBK IMPORT S.A.C., Calle Brigida Silva de Ochoa Numero 370, San Miguel, Lima, Peru; Avenida Los Precursores Numero 288, Urb. Maranga, San Miguel, Lima, Peru; RUC # 20520935461 (Peru) [SDNTK].

Last Updated: 5/5/2017 10:03 AM

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