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 Counter Terrorism Designations


Specially Designated Nationals List Update

The following individuals have been added to OFAC's SDN List:
AL BINALI, Mohammed Isa Yousif Saqar (a.k.a. AL-BINALI, Mohamed Isa; a.k.a. ALBINALI, Mohammad Isa; a.k.a. AL-BINALI, Mohammed; a.k.a. AL-BINALI, Mohammed Isa; a.k.a. "Abu Al Silmi"; a.k.a. "Abu Isa Al Salmi"; a.k.a. "Abu Issa Al-Selmy"); DOB 09 Mar 1991; POB Manama, Bahrain; nationality Bahrain; Gender Male (individual) [SDGT].
AL-KUBAYSI, 'Umar (a.k.a. AL-KUBAYSI ARHAYM, Umar Mahmud; a.k.a. AL-KUBAYSI, Umar Mahmud Rahim; a.k.a. AL-QUBAYSI, Umar Mahmud Rahim; a.k.a. ARHAYM, 'Umar Mahmud; a.k.a. RAHIM, 'Umar Mahmud), al-Qaim, al-Anbar Province, Iraq; DOB 01 Jan 1967; nationality Iraq; Gender Male (individual) [SDGT] (Linked To: ISLAMIC STATE OF IRAQ AND THE LEVANT).
ARMAR, Mohammad Shafi (a.k.a. ARMAR, Mohammed Shafi; a.k.a. ARMAR, Safi; a.k.a. ARMAR, Shafi; a.k.a. "Anjan Bhai"; a.k.a. "Chote Maula"; a.k.a. "Yousouf al-Hindi"; a.k.a. "Yousuf-Al Hindi"; a.k.a. "Yusuf al-Hindi"), Syria; DOB 1989 to 1991; POB Bhatkal, Karnataka, India; Gender Male (individual) [SDGT].
ATAR, Oussama Ahmad (a.k.a. ATAR, Oussama; a.k.a. ATAR, Usama; a.k.a. ATTAR, Usama), Raqqa, Syria; DOB 1983 to 1985; POB Belgium; nationality Belgium; alt. nationality Morocco; Gender Male (individual) [SDGT].
The following entity has been added to OFAC's SDN List:
AL-KAWTHAR MONEY EXCHANGE (a.k.a. AL-KAWTHAR HAWALA), Al-Qa'im, Al Anbar Province, Iraq [SDGT] (Linked To: AL-KUBAYSI, 'Umar).
Last Updated: 6/15/2017 10:00 AM