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Specially Designated Nationals List Update

The following individuals have been added to OFAC's SDN List:
HATARI, Musa (a.k.a. ATAR, Mussa; a.k.a. ATARI, Musah; a.k.a. MUSA, Atari; a.k.a. TAHIR, Musa; a.k.a. TARAH, Musah; a.k.a. TARAK, Musah; a.k.a. TARK, Musa), Songo, Kafia Kingi; DOB 1965; alt. DOB 1964; alt. DOB 1966; nationality Sudan (individual) [CAR] (Linked To: LORD'S RESISTANCE ARMY).
LUKWANG, Okot (a.k.a. LOKWANG, Okot; a.k.a. LUKWENG, Okot; a.k.a. LUKWONG, Okot), Songo, Kafia Kingi; Central African Republic; DOB 1975; alt. DOB 1974; alt. DOB 1976; alt. DOB 1981; alt. DOB 1982; alt. DOB 1980; POB Palabek, Uganda; alt. POB Padibe Lamwu District, Uganda; nationality Uganda (individual) [CAR] (Linked To: LORD'S RESISTANCE ARMY).
Last Updated: 12/13/2017 12:34 PM