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Issuance of an Executive Order Related to the Central African Republic

​The President today signed a new Executive Order Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Conflict in the Central African Republic.

Specially Designated Nationals List Update

As a results of the new Executive Order, the following individuals have been added to OFAC's SDN List:

ADAM, Noureddine (a.k.a. ADAM, Nourreddine; a.k.a. ADAM, Nourredine; a.k.a. ADAM, Nourreldine; a.k.a. ADAM, Nureldine); DOB 1969 to 1971; POB Ndele, Central African Republic; nationality Central African Republic; General; Former Minister of Public Security (individual) [CAR].

BOZIZE, Francois (a.k.a. BOZIZE, Francois Yangouvonda; a.k.a. YANGOUVONDA, Bozize); DOB 14 Oct 1946; POB Gabon; Former President of the Central African Republic (individual) [CAR].

DJOTODIA, Michel (a.k.a. DJOTODIA, Michel Am-Nondroko), Benin; DOB 1949; POB Vakaga Region, Central African Republic; nationality Central African Republic (individual) [CAR].

MISKINE, Abdoulaye (a.k.a. KOUMTAMADJI, Martin Nadingar; a.k.a. NKOUMTAMADJI, Martin); DOB 05 Oct 1965; alt. DOB 03 Mar 1965; POB Kobo, Central African Republic; alt. POB Ndinaba, Chad; nationality Chad; General (individual) [CAR].

YAKITE, Levi (a.k.a. YAKETE, Levy; a.k.a. YAKITE, Levy), Cameroon; DOB 1965; Anti-Balaka Political Coordinator (individual) [CAR].
Last Updated: 5/14/2014 9:37 AM

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