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Having trouble opening the PDF version of the SDN list?

OFAC has received feedback indicating that some users of the PDF/Adobe Acrobat version of the SDN list occasionally receive an error message when attempting to open the T11SDN.PDF file on the OFAC website.  The error message received often indicates that the file is "damaged" and cannot be opened.

OFAC has rigorous quality control procedures in place and each SDN List file is tested for accuracy, quality and functionality both before and immediately following its release.  Personnel responsible for the publication of the OFAC SDN list products open each file on the OFAC website immediately after an SDN update to ensure each product is working. 

In situations where users receive the "file is damaged error", the PDF file may not actually be damaged.  This error message can be caused by a number of factors including the configuration of the local user's browser and Adobe Acrobat plug-ins, or hardware/software issues on the local user's workstation.  In addition, there may be temporary Internet connection/bandwidth issues that prevent a user from downloading a complete, working version of the file.

Users encountering this error should attempt to resolve the problem by trying one or more of the following:

1.  Close all instances of the browser and start a new browser session.  Revisit the OFAC website and attempt the open the PDF file.

2. Download the entire T11SDN.PDF file from the OFAC website to your local machine.  Only attempt to open the file after the download is complete.

3. Use an alternative file (a link to the text version of the SDN list can be found directly below the PDF version).

4.  Download the SDNLIST.PDF file from OFAC's FTP server at

Last Updated: 1/31/2011 6:03 PM

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