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 Consolidated Sanctions List Data Files

In order to make it easier to comply with OFAC's sanctions regulations, the office is now offering all of its non-SDN sanctions lists in a consolidated set of data files "the Consolidated Sanctions List".  These consolidated files comply with all OFAC's existing data standards.  In the future, if OFAC creates a new non-SDN style list, the office will add the new data associated with that list to these consolidated data files if appropriate.  While the consolidated sanctions list data files are not part of OFAC's list of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons "the SDN List," the records in these consolidated files may also appear on the SDN List.

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  • PDF Version of the SDN List
  • Text Version of the SDN List
  • Archive of Changes to the SDN list


  • XML Consolidated List
  • Delimited Consolidated List files
  • Consolidated List Zip Files


  • Consolidated Sanctions List
  • SSI List
  • NS-PLC List


Click here for important information about the introduction of the Consolidated List, including information dealing with treatment of entries on the Consolidated List.

Search OFAC's Sanctions Lists Including the Consolidated List
Included in the Consolidated Sanctions List Data Files:
Alias Screening for the names on that appear in the Consolidated Sanctions List
Definition of OFAC program tags 

 DATA CENTER - Consolidated List - formatted for information processing
File Name Description
CONSALL.ZIP Contains 21 files in a ZIP archive (archive includes CSV, @ sign delimited, fixed-width delimited, and XML versions of the Consolidated Sanctions list)
​CONS_ADVANCED.XML ​XML version of the Consolidated list that conforms to the advanced data standard developed by the UN 1267/1988 Security Council Committee.  For more information, please see FAQs
CONSOLIDATED.XML XML version of the Consolidated Sanctions list
CONS_PRIM.DEL @ sign delimited primary names on the Consolidated Sanctions List
CONS_ADD.DEL @ sign delimited addresses (links to CONS_PRIM.DEL and CONS_ALT.DEL)
CONS_ALT.DEL @ sign delimited alternate (aka) names (links to CONS_ADD.DEL and CONS_PRIM.DEL)
CONS_COMMENTS.DEL​ @ sign delimited "spill over" files containing remarks data that exceeds the 1000 character limit in the CONS_PRIM.DEL file. ​
CONS_PRIM.FF fixed-width primary names on the Consolidated Sanctions List
CONS_ADD.FF fixed-width addresses (links to CONS_PRIM.FF and CONS_ALT.FF)
CONS_ALT.FF fixed-width alternate (aka) names (links to CONS_ADD.FF and CONS_PRIM.FF)
CONS_COMMENTS.FF fixed-width "spill over" files containing remarks data that exceeds the 1000 character limit in the CONS_PRIM.FF file. ​
CONS_PRIM.CSV comma delimited primary names on the Consolidated Sanctions List
CONS_ADD.CSV comma delimited addresses (links to CONS_PRIM.CSV and CONS_ALT.CSV)
CONS_ALT.CSV comma delimited alternate (aka) names (links to CONS_ADD.CSV and CONS_PRIM.CSV)
CONS_COMMENTS.CSV comma delimited "spill over" files containing remarks data that exceeds the 1000 character limit in the CONS_PRIM.CSV file. ​
CONS_PRIM.PIP "|" (pipe) character delimited primary names on the Consolidated Sanctions List
CONS_ADD.PIP "|" (pipe) character delimited addresses (links to CONS_PRIM.PIP and CONS_ALT.PIP)
CONS_ALT.PIP "|" (pipe) character delimited alternate (aka) names (links to CONS_ADD.PIP and CONS_PRIM.PIP)
CONS_COMMENTS.PIP​ "|" (pipe) character delimited "spill over" files containing remarks data that exceeds the 1000 character limit in the CONS_PRIM.PIP file. ​

Consolidated List Data Specifications, Schemas and Technical Information


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Last Updated: 1/23/2017 5:01 PM