The Resources and Ecosystems Sustainability, Tourist Opportunities, and Revived Economies of the Gulf Coast States Act of 2012 (RESTORE Act) established a new Trust Fund in the Treasury of the United States, known as the Gulf Coast Restoration Trust Fund.  Eighty percent of the civil penalties paid after July 6, 2012, under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act in connection with the Deepwater Horizon oil spill will be deposited into the Trust Fund and invested.
The Department of the Treasury-administered Direct Component makes 35 percent of the civil penalties deposited into the Trust Fund available to four Gulf Coast state​s, 23 Florida counties, and 20 Louisiana parishes.  The Direct Component is governed by the RESTORE Act final rule at 31 C.F.R. Part 34, effective on February 12, 2016 after publication on December 14, 2015.  Further, grant recipients under the RESTORE Act must comply with the guidance issued by the Office of Management and Budget entitled, "Part 200 – Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards" at 79 FR 75880 (December 19, 2014.)

Eligible Activities under the Direct Component
As provided in the RESTORE Act and final rule, activities, programs, and projects that are eligible for grants awarded under the Direct Component (eligible activities) include: 
  • Restoration and protection of the natural resources, ecosystems, fisheries, marine and wildlife habitats, beaches and coastal wetlands of the Gulf Coast Region; 
  • Mitigation of damage to fish, wildlife and natural resources; 
  • Implementation of a Federally approved marine, coastal, or comprehensive conservation management plan, including fisheries monitoring; 
  • Workforce development and job creation; 
  • Improvements to or on state parks located in coastal areas affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill; 
  • Infrastructure projects benefitting the economy or ecological resources, including port infrastructure; 
  • Coastal flood protection and related infrastructure; 
  • Planning assistance; 
  • Promotion of tourism in the Gulf Coast Region, including promotion of recreational fishing; 
  • Promotion of the consumption of seafood harvested from the Gulf Coast Region; and  
  • Administrative costs.
Eligible Applicants under the Direct Component
The RESTORE Act specifies who may apply to receive funds under the Direct Component, administered by Treasury.  Treasury's regulations list the Direct Component eligible states, counties, and parishes who may apply:
  • In Alabama, the Alabama Gulf Coast Recovery Council or such administrative agent as it may designate; 
  • In Florida, the Florida counties of Bay, Charlotte, Citrus, Collier, Dixie, Escambia, Franklin, Gulf, Hernando, Hillsborough, Jefferson, Lee, Levy, Manatee, Monroe, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, Pasco, Pinellas, Sarasota, Taylor, Wakulla, and Walton;
  • In Louisiana, the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority Board of Louisiana through the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority of Louisiana; 
  • In Louisiana, the Louisiana parishes of Ascension, Assumption, Calcasieu, Cameron, Iberia, Jefferson, Lafourche, Livingston, Orleans, Plaquemines, St. Bernard, St. Charles, St. James, St. John the Baptist, St. Martin, St. Mary, St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, Terrebonne, and Vermilion; 
  • In Mississippi, the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality; and 
  • In Texas, the Office of the Governor or an appointee of the Office of the Governor.
Multiyear Implementation Plan under the Direct Component

The RESTORE Act and the Treasury final rule direct the state, county, and parish applicants to prepare multiyear implementation plans that prioritize eligible activities for Direct Component funds and to obtain broad-based participation from individuals, businesses, Indian tribes, and non-profit organizations as part of preparing their multiyear plans.  The state, county, or parish applicants may periodically update their plans by following the same steps, including obtaining public input, prior to submitting their revised plans to Treasury.  A private individual may choose to seek consideration of its proposal by contacting the state, county, or parish applicant, based on the proposed project's geographic location.  The Direct Component FAQs provide details about this process.

Gulf Coast Region Definition under the RESTORE Act
Under the RESTORE Act, Gulf Coast region means:
  • In the Gulf Coast States, the coastal zones defined under section 304 of the Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972 that border the Gulf of Mexico; 
  • Land within the coastal zones described in paragraph (1) of this definition that is held in trust by, or the use of which is by law subject solely to the discretion of, the Federal Government or officers or agents of the Federal Government; 
  • Any adjacent land, water, and watersheds, that are within 25 miles of the coastal zone described in paragraphs (1) and (2) of this definition; and 
  • All Federal waters in the Gulf of Mexico.
The Treasury rule explains further that Direct Component activities are carried out in the Gulf Coast Region when, in the reasonable judgment of the eligible entity applying to Treasury for a grant, each severable part of the activity is primarily designed to restore or protect that geographic area.  The state, county, or parish must demonstrate that the activity will be carried out in the Gulf Coast Region when they apply for a grant.
Best Available Science under the RESTORE Act
Under the RESTORE Act, activities designed to protect or restore natural resources must be based on best available science.  Best available science means science that maximizes the quality, objectivity, and integrity of information, including statistical information; uses peer-reviewed and publicly available data; and clearly documents and communicates risks and uncertainties in the scientific basis for such projects. 
A state, county, or parish applicant must look at the nature of the activity, rather than the title of the eligible activity, when deciding whether this requirement applies.  They must explain in their application how the activity is based on the "best available science" and cite peer-reviewed, objective, methodologically sound literature sources that support the conclusion that the proposed scope of work is an effective way to achieve the stated objectives that are set out in the RESTORE Act.  
Direct Component Awards 
Eligible Entity Project Title​ / Description ​Date of Award ​Award Amount
​Santa Rosa ​Dirt Road Paving Districts 1, 4, and 5 ​10/07/2019 $570,000.00​
​Alabama ​Redevelop Bayou La Batre City Docks Phase 1 ​10/31/2019 $691,014.00​​
​Alabama ​Northwest Satsuma Water and Sewer Project Phase 1 ​9/30/2019 $236,185.00​
​Alabama ​Aloe Bay Harbour Town ​08/29/2019 $1,544,312.00​​
​Terrebonne Parish ​Bayou Little Cailiou Flood Risk Reduction System Conveyance Channel 0​8/28/2019 $2,710,525.00​​
​Okaloosa County ​Economic Revitalization of Niceville's Historic Old Downtown ​07/29/2019 $389,289.00​​
​Texas ​FY19 RESTORE Restoration and Protection Program ​04/30/2019 $31,105,252.00​
​Walton County ​Stormwater Projects - Mack Bayou Road ​05/16/2019  $738,387.00​
​Texas ​FY19 RESTORE Flood Protection Program ​06/26/2019 $27,108,813.00​
​Walton County ​Sustainable Economic Matrix and Master Plan ​05/26/2019 $112,877.39​
​Mississippi ​University of Southern Mississippi Marine Research Center ​06/26/2019 $2,019,665.00​​
​St. Charles Parish ​Paradis Canal Gate ​07/24/2019 $398,727.11​​
​Mississippi ​Bayou Casotte Industrial Buffer ​04/25/2019 $550,358.00​​
​Mississippi  ​Harrison County Bulkhead and Dock Construction ​04/25/2019 $3,389,457.00​
Escambia County Planning Assistance to Develop a Multiyear Implementation Plan 11/04/2015 ​$415,850.11
Franklin County Planning Assistance to Develop a Multiyear Implementation Plan ​07/14/2016 $453,555.46
Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority Engineering and design of the Calcasieu River Salinity Control construction project 07/14/2016 ​$25,602,755.88
​Pinellas County ​Planning Assistance for funds to establish and sustain an ocean-atmosphere observation site in support of other RESTORE Act eligible activities ​06/16/2016 $233,934.00
​​Pinellas County ​​A very high-resolution estuary circulation Nowcast/Forecast model for Tampa Bay and vicinity ​08/18/2016 ​$479,493.00
​​Pinellas County ​Pinellas County Assessment of Vulnerability to the Impacts of Sea Level Rise and Infrastructure Resiliency Plan ​09/01/2016 $300,000.00​
​Charlotte County ​Restoring Impaired Waters of Charlotte Harbor 0​9/26/2016 $117,466.35​
​Pinellas County ​Ft. De Soto Park Dune Walkovers ​10/26/2016 $534,890.00​
​Charlotte County ​Restoring Bay Scallops in Charlotte Harbor ​11/23/2016 $113,424.32​
​Mississippi ​Work Ready Community Program ​12/22/2016 $4,053,745.00​
​Pasco County ​Orange Lake Restoration Project 0​2/27/2017 $103,000.00
​Lafourche Parish ​Planning Assistance for the Barataria Marsh Creation and Ridge Restoration Project ​03/01/2017 $434,760.00
​Lafourche Parish ​Planning Assistance for the Grand Bayou Freshwater Reintroduction Restoration Project ​03/01/2017 $79,870.00
​Charlotte County ​Harbor Walk ​03/10/2017 $225,041.61
​Mississippi ​​Planning Assistance to Develop a Multiyear Implementation Plan Amendments ​03/30/2017 $1,296,490.00​
​Wakulla County ​​Planning Assistance to Develop a Multiyear Implementation Plan ​04/25/2017 $99,980.98
​Mississippi ​Port Bienville Trans-Loading Terminal Facility Completion ​06/07/2017 $7,999,957​.00
​Mississippi ​Jackson County Corridor Connector Road ​06/07/2017 $14,996,389.00​
​Pasco County ​Sunwest Park ​​06/07/2017 $220,842.80​
​Mississippi Mississippi ​Aquarium ​06/23/2017 $16,999,620.00​
​Mississippi ​Stennis International Airport Hangar ​06/23/2017 $2,198,859.00​
​Mississippi Improved Fiber Optic Infrastructure – Planning Activities ​06/23/2017 $509,258.00​
​Mississippi Off-Bottom Oyster Aquaculture Program ​06/23/2017 $1,113,556.00​
​Mississippi ​Strategic Stream Restoration ​08/16/2017 ​$5,008,000.00
​Pasco County ​Waterfront Restoration Plan on the Pithlachascotee River 0​8/18/2017 $672,184.00​
​Mississippi ​Accreditation Support for William Carey University School of Pharmacy ​08/25/2017 $1,062,751.00​
​Hernando County Bayou Drive Repair and Restoration ​08/16/2017 $457,500.00
​Santa Rosa County ​Gulf Coast Discovery Center, Phase I ​11/16/2017 $272,950.00​
​Bay County ​​Stormwater Plan​ ​12/14/2017 $362,997.00​​
​Mississippi ​University of Southern Mississippi Oyster Hatchery and Research Center – Planning ​​12/14/2017 $233,978.35​
​Bay County AMIkids Dock​ ​12/18/2017 $279,697.48
​Escambia County ​Planning Assistance for Development of the 2018-2022 MYIP Amendments ​01/26/2018 $445,453.80​
​Collier County ​Comprehensive Watershed Improvement Plan ​01/29/2018 ​$1,​532,077.76​
​Alabama Planning Assistance to Develop a Multiyear Implementation Plan 02/07/2018 ​$174,159.00​
​St. Bernard Parish ​Paris Road Corridor 02/08/2018 ​$824,000.00​
​Plaquemines Parish ​Bayou Eau Noire Ridge Restoration and Marsh Creation 02/08/2018 ​$3,300,174.63​
​St. Bernard Parish ​Nunez Community College Fisheries Workforce Development 02/23/2018 ​$231,744.47​
​Escambia County ​Planning Assistance for the Carpenter Creek and Bayou Texar Revitalization Plan​ 02/26/2018 ​$1,308,000.00​
​Escambia County ​​Planning Assistance for the Development of the Universal Public Access Plan ​02/26/2018 $360,000.00​
​​Escambia County ​Planning Assistance for the Development of the Eleven Mile Creek Basin Stormwater Ponds ​2/27/2018 $268,800.00​​
​Tangipahoa Parish ​Planning Assistance for the Greenway Plan and Study Project​ ​2/27/2018 $71,314.00​​
​Tangipahoa Parish ​Planning Assistance for the Rock Jetty Plan and Study Project ​2/27/2018 $20,000.00​
Vermilion Parish ​Closure of Two Breaches, North Shore of Vermilion Bay​ 3/19/2018 $​​​402,614.00
​Escambia County ​Planning Assistance for the Hollice T. Williams Stormwater Park ​3/29/2018 $1,597,320.00​
​Bay County ​Carl Gray Park Boat Ramp ​3/29/2018 $556,955.50​
​Mississippi ​National Oceans and applications Research Center ​04/24/2018 ​$2,712,942.00​
​Escambia County ​Planning Assistance for South Dogtrack Drainage Project ​04/25/2018 ​$240,000.00
​Mississippi ​Planning Assistance for the North Rail Connector ​05/04/2018 $574,027.00​
​Mississippi ​Mississippi Gulf Coast Coliseum and Convention Center Site Capacity Improvements ​06/19/2018 ​$3,519,520.00
​Charlotte County ​Fisheries Monitoring - Coral Creek ​6/13/2018 $185,322.00​
​Walton County ​Muscogee Nation of Florida Micro Farm Agritourism Project ​7/05/2018 ​$543,840.00
​St. John the Baptist Parish ​Lake Pontchartrain Breakwater and Shoreline Protection ​8/28/2018 $219,782.12​
​Orleans Parish Planning Assistance to Develop a Multiyear Implementation Plan ​8/23/2018 ​$22,000.00
​Bay County ​Port Park Improvements ​09/20/2018 ​$501,480.00
​Mississippi ​MDEQ Gulf Coast Water Quality Improvement Program ​09/20/2018 ​$11,202,349.00
​Walton County ​Western Lake Drainage Improvement Project ​09/25/18 ​$436,045.05
​Terrebonne Parish ​Fletcher Technical Community College Water Management Workforce Development ​10/10/2018 ​$250,000.00​
​Bay County ​Restoring Bay County's Recreational Fishing Industry through Artificial Reef Construction and Monitoring ​10/30/2018 ​$441,976.00​
​Monroe County ​Coral Reef Restoration ​10/31/2018 $578,308.50
​Gulf County ​St. Joseph Peninsula Beach Restoration ​11/14/2018 ​$2,800,000.00
​​Livingston Parish ​​Amite River Coastal Wetlands Restoration Phase 1 Planning ​​11/30/2018 $400,000.00​​​
Manatee County FL Maritime Museum Facility Enhancements 12/21/2018 $225,000.00
Manatee County Coastal Watershed Program Planning Assistance 12/21/2018 $620,309.00
​Walton County ​Old Town of Santa Rosa TMDL Water Quality Restoration, Phase 1 ​11/26/2018 $594,506.37​
Manatee County ​Shellfish Institute Sea Farm to Table ​12/21/2018 $100,000.00​
​Santa Rosa County ​Oyster Habitat Restoration Project ​1/25/2019 $308,686.35​​
​Levy County ​Cedar Key Aquarium ​1/23/2019 $300,000.00​​
Alabama AL State Port Authority Automotive Logistics Construction 02/27/2019 $28,827,833.00
Levy County ​Outdoor Electronic Kiosk ​03/22/2019 $34,175.00
Gulf County Gulf County Public Safety Center 03/28/2019 $1,210,000.00
Alabama Working Waterfront & Greenspace Restoration Project ​4/26/2019 $600,314.00​
Alabama ​Mobile County Blueway Trail Development ​4/30/2019 ​$819,583.00
Alabama ​Gulf Coast Center for Ecotourism and Sustainability ​4/26/2019 ​$1,052,520.00
​Wakulla County ​Retrofit of Existing Train at Otter Creek WWTP ​4/25/2019 $2,893,131.00
Direct Component Awards (Closed)
Eligible Entity Project Title​ / Description ​Date of Award ​Award Amount
​Livingston Parish ​Amite River Coastal Wetlands Restoration Phase 1 Planning ​11/30/2018​ $0.00​
​St. John the Baptist ​ Lake Pontchartrain Breakwater and Shoreline Protection ​08/28/2018 $0.00​​
​Bay County ​ Planning Assistance to Develop a Multiyear Implementation Plan ​06/16/2016 ​$62,617.42
Levy County ​​​Planning Assistance to Develop a Multiyear Implementation Plan 04/26/2016 $54,443.98​
Santa Rosa County ​Planning Assistance to Develop a Multiyear Implementation Plan ​11/23/2016 $108,000.00​
​Tangipahoa Parish ​Planning Assistance for a Dredging Feasibility Study on the Mouth of Tangipahoa River Access to Lake Pontchartrain ​02/08/2016 ​$25,000.00
​​Gulf County Planning Assistance to Develop a Multiyear Implementation Plan ​​11/12/2015 $499,221.00​
​​Mississippi Planning Assistance to Develop a Multiyear Implementation Plan ​08/06/2015 $372,568.62​
​Texas ​​​Planning Assistance to Develop a Multiyear Implementation Plan ​03/24/2017 $243,339.72
​​Tangipahoa Parish​ ​​​​Construction Activities for Tangipahoa Parish Lee's Landing Boat Launch Repair-Reconstruction ​04/22/2016 $341,106.28 ​
Direct Component Multiyear Implementation Plans Accepted by Treasury
Eligible Entity​ Treasury Acceptance Date​ ​Revision Status Amount in MYP​ Entity​ Website​
Alabama​ ​11/19/2018 ​Amendment - Initial ​$192,416,759.00 ​​Alabama​
Bay County 04/2/2018 ​Amendment- 01 ​$7,405,241.00 Bay County
Bay County ​05/05/2017 ​Initial $7,405,241.00​ Bay County
Cameron Parish ​11/19/2015 ​Initial ​$354.803.79 Cameron Parish
​Charlotte County ​03/08/2016 ​Initial ​$726,453.00 ​Charlotte County
Collier County ​11/29/2017 ​Initial $1,532,077.76​ ​Collier County
Citrus County ​7/19/2018 ​Initial $1,874,150​ ​Citrus County
​Escambia County ​10/20/2017 ​Initial $8,638,650.00​ ​Escambia County
​Gulf County ​02/17/2017 ​Initial ​$2,780,970.88 ​Gulf County
Gulf County ​6/12/2018 ​Amendment -01 $2,800,000.00​ Gulf County
Gulf County​ ​12/21/2018 ​Amendment - 02 $7,342,900.00​ Gulf County
Hernando County ​08/06/2015 ​Initial ​$569,500.00 ​Hernando County
Hernando County ​07/18/2019 ​ Amendment - 01 ​$586,000.00 ​Hernando County
​Jefferson County​ ​02/22/2019 ​Initial $1,523,742.00​ ​Jefferson County​
​Jefferson Parish ​08/17/2017 ​Initial $3,078,326.03​ ​Jefferson Parish
​Lafourche Parish ​09/13/2018 ​Amendment - 01 ​$195,277.00 ​Lafourche Parish
​Lafourche Parish ​02/18/2016 ​Initial ​$1,323,970.00 ​Lafourche Parish
​Levy County ​05/17/2018 ​Initial ​$1,545,576.00 ​Levy County
​Livingston Parish ​10/25/2017 ​Amendment -01 $​856,​879.29 ​​Livingston Parish
​Livingston Parish ​01/08/2016 ​Initial $561,895.49 ​Livingston Parish
​03/17/2017   ​Amendment -01 ​$81,969,002.00 Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority of LA
Louisiana ​09/21/2015 ​Initial $34,400,000.00 ​Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority of LA
Manatee County ​12/11/2017 Initial $1,545,309.00​ Manatee County
​Mississippi ​07/05/2017 ​​Amendment -01 $​80​,940,000.00​​ ​​​​Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality
​Mississippi ​05/19/2016 ​Initial ​$54,100,000.00 ​​​Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality
​Monroe County ​04/06/2016 ​Initial ​$1,184,925.50 ​Monroe County
Okaloosa County ​11/15/2019 ​Amendment - 01 $11,615,902.39​ Okaloosa County
Okaloosa County ​06/30/2017 ​Initial $5,365,902.39​ ​Okaloosa County
Pasco County ​07/31/2019 ​Amendment - 02 $1,582,000.00​ ​Pasco County
​Pasco County​ ​10/4/2018 ​Amendment - 01 $1,082,000.00​ ​Pasco County
​Pasco County ​07/17/2015 ​Initial ​$962,000.00 ​Pasco County
​Pinellas County ​12/07/2015 ​Initial ​$1,548,310.00 ​Pinellas County
Plaquemines Parish ​06/02/2017 ​​Amendment -01 $3,500,000.00 Plaquemines Parish
Plaquemines Parish ​04/10/2015 ​Initial ​$2,057,198.00 ​Plaquemines Parish 
​Santa Rosa Count​y ​09/16/2019 ​Amendment - 01 $3,024,217.35​ ​Santa Rosa County
Santa Rosa County ​05/16/2017 Initial​ $3,712,355​.00​ Santa Rosa County
Sarasota County ​10/04/2018 Initial​ $1,874,091.00 Sarasota County
St. Bernard Parish​ ​11/15/2018 ​Amendment - 01 $4,294,970.00​ ​St. Bernard Parish
​St. Bernard Parish ​05/30/2017 ​Initial $​1,910,650.00​ ​St. Bernard Parish
​St. Charles Parish​​​ 0​1/17/2018 ​Initial $390,283.56​​ ​​St. Charles Parish​
St. John the Baptist Parish ​08/09/2019 ​Amendment - 01 ​$328,799.29 St. John the Baptist Parish
​St. John the Baptist Parish ​11/21/2016 ​Initial ​$219,782.12 ​St. John the Baptist
​St. Martin Parish​ ​10/30/2019 ​Initial $665,000.00​ ​St. Martin Parish​​
St. Tammany Parish ​10/28/2015 ​Initial ​$933,988.34 ​St. Tammany Parish
​Tangipahoa Parish ​09/15/2017 ​Amendment -01 $91,314.00​ Tangipahoa Parish
Tangipahoa Parish ​08/28/2015 ​Initial ​$574,705.49 ​Tangipahoa Parish
​Taylor County  ​03/09/2018 ​Initial ​$4,076,136.00 ​Taylor County 
Terrebonne Parish ​04/29/2019 ​Amendment - 01 ​$2,935,525.00​ Terrebonne Parish
​Terrebonne Parish ​11/13/2017 ​Initial $2,700,386.04​ ​​Terrebonne Parish
​Texas ​12/18/2017 ​Initial $114,165,820.00​ ​Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
​Vermilion Parish  ​06/24/2016 ​Initial ​$518,869.83 ​Vermilion Parish 
Wakulla County ​09/26/2018 ​Initial $1,200,000.00​ Wakulla County
Wakulla County ​10/29/2019 ​Amendment - 01 ​$4,376,277.00 Wakulla County
Walton County ​08/17/2017 ​Initial $6,471,391.53​ Walton County
​Walton County ​04/01/2019 Amendment - 01 $6,584,268.92 Walton County
Walton County ​9/16/2019 ​Amendment - 02 $11,164,682.26​ Walton County
Vermilion Parish ​05/16/2018 Amendment - 01 $793,037.99​ Vermilion Parish
Livingston Parish ​6/11/2018 ​Amendment - 02 $2,000,000.00​ Livingston Parish
​Mississippi ​06/19/2019 ​Amendment - 03 $120,240,000.00​ ​​Mississippi​
Mississippi ​7/16/2018 ​Amendment - 02 $99,340,000​ Mississippi
Cameron Parish ​7/20/2018 ​Amendment - 01  $612,829.21​ Cameron Parish
Tangipahoa Parish ​9/10/2018 ​Amendment - 02 $ 1,166,442​ Tangipahoa Parish
Plaquemines Parish ​9/21/2018 ​Amendment - 02  $5,176,400.13​ Plaquemines Parish

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