Limited Official Use

Additional Actions Are Necessary to Control Abuse of the Disabled Access Credit


June 2004


Reference Number:  2004-30-118


The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) has designated this audit report as Limited Official Use (LOU) pursuant to Chapter III, Section 2 of the Treasury Security Manual (TD P 71-10) entitled, “Limited Official Use Information and Other Legends.”   Because this document has been designated LOU, it may only be made available to those officials that have a need to know the information contained within this report in the performance of their official duties.  This report must be safeguarded and protected from unauthorized disclosure; therefore, all requests for disclosure of this report must be referred to the Disclosure Section within the TIGTA’s Office of Chief Counsel.

Appendix II


Major Contributors to This Report


Parker F. Pearson, Acting Assistant Inspector General for Audit (Small Business and Corporate Programs)

Richard J. Dagliolo, Director

Kyle R. Andersen, Acting Director

L. Jeff Anderson, Acting Audit Manager

Douglas C. Barneck, Senior Auditor

Annette Bates, Senior Auditor

Roy E. Thompson, Senior Auditor

Arlene Feskanich, Computer Specialist

Judith P. Harrald, Computer Specialist

Layne D. Powell, Computer Specialist

Ron Stuckey, Computer Specialist


Limited Official Use