1999 Filing Season Strategy

This document presents a summary of our efforts, planned and in process, to assure the Service is ready to timely and effectively adapt key provisions from legislative acts passed in 1996, 1997, and 1998 during the 1999 Filing Season.

We regularly review the actual filing season process, but because of the extensive and complex legislation enacted in (Taxpayer Relief Act, Balanced Budget Act, and Taxpayer Browsing Act), the Y2K and customer service strategies, and the mainframe consolidation, we have increased the scope of work planned and in process.

Our objective is to evaluate the Service’s effectiveness in assuring that taxpayers will have the information necessary to properly file returns and that the Service will be able to properly process returns during the 1999 Filing Season. We will perform our audit work in three phases.

Phase I (Jan. – Oct.): We will evaluate the Service’s scheduled plans to implement the tax legislative changes, including review of implementation plans and Requests for Information Services (RIS).

Phase II (Aug. – Dec.): We will evaluate the Service’s actions to provide taxpayers with revised tax forms, instructions and tax assistance on key provisions; and, to ensure related computer programs are timely and effectively implemented through adequate review and test controls. We will also evaluate the Service’s efforts to upgrade technology through use of alternative payment options.

IA will conduct five reviews prior to the start of the 1999 Filing Season including:

1999 Filing Season Readiness – IMF and Non-IMF

IS Quality Assurance Over Key Tax Laws – 1999 Filing Season

Taxpayer Assistance on Key Tax Laws – 1999 Filing Season

Alternative Payment Methods – 1999 Filing Season

Phase III Audits (October – May 1999)

1999 On Line Filing Season Review

On Line - Taxpayer Assistance on Key Tax Laws – 1999 Filing Season


Walk-in Assistance – On Line 99 Filing Season