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Delegation Orders

The Delegation Orders are provided in DOC format and require a special plugin. To obtain the free viewer for this format, please visit the Microsoft web site.

TIGTA Delegation Orders

ID: 01
Date: 6/01/04
Subject: Awards

ID: 02
Date: 6/24/05
Subject: Authority To Approve Representation Fund Expenses

ID: 05
Date: 11/14/05
Subject: Pay Setting Authority for the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration

ID: 06
Date: 2/16/05
Subject: Tours of Duty, Overtime, and Law Enforcement Availability Pay

ID: 08(Rev 7)
Date: 1/16/01
Subject: Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act Requests

ID: 09(Rev 2)
Date: 2/22/06
Subject: Financial Conflict of Interest

ID: 11(Rev 3)
Date: 1/30/01
Subject: Authority to Review Requests to Engage in Outside Employment or Activity

ID: 12(Rev 4)
Date: 7/09/13
Subject: Authority to Authorize or Approve Travel, Travel Advances, and Travel Vouchers

ID: 13
Date: 2/16/05
Subject: Absence, Leave and Restoration of Annual Leave

ID: 14
Date: 3/24/06
Subject: Cease And Desist Letters Under 31 U.S.C. 333

ID: 17
Date: 5/06/04
Subject: Administering the Oath of Office

ID: 18
Date: 5/27/99
Subject: Authority to Issue Subpoenas

ID: 20(Rev 3)
Date: 9/4/02
Subject: Authority to Classify Positions for the Office of the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration

ID: 21(Rev 1)
Date: 2/14/01
Subject: Investigative and Enforcement Activities

ID: 22(Rev 2)
Date: 4/13/06
Subject: Consensual Monitoring of Wire and Non-Wire Communications Communications

ID: 23
Date: 8/22/00
Subject: Claims Settlement Authority

ID: 24
Date: 1/16/01
Subject: Certification of Documents

ID: 25
Date: 1/16/01
Subject: Administration of Oath Concerning Chief Counsel Matters

ID: 26(Rev. 1)
Date: 4/13/06
Subject: Authority to Disclose Identity

ID: 27(Rev. 2)
Date: 6/12/12
Subject: Authorization to Approve Confidential Expenditures

ID: 28(Rev. 7)
Date: 2/01/121
Subject: Order of Succession and Designation to Act (PDF)

ID: 29(Rev 1)
Date: 6/13/02
Subject: Authority to Review Public and Confidential Financial Disclosure Reports

ID: 31
Date: 5/1/03
Subject: Authority to Collect Debts

ID: 32
Date: 7/23/03
Subject: Waiving Claims Against TIGTA Employees for Erroneous Payments

ID: 33
Date: 2/6/04
Subject: Authority to Use Reduction In Force (RIF) Procedures and Effect RIF Actions

ID: 34
Date: 10/25/10
Subject: Designation of Chief Information Officer

ID: 35
Date: 2/6/12
Subject: Authority to Disclose Returns or Return Information and to Permit Testimony and the Production of TIGTA Documents

ID: 36
Date: 10/07/15
Subject: Delegation Of Authority To Approve Memoranda Of Understanding And Interagency Agreements

Functional Delegation Orders

Chief Counsel

ID: 1(Rev. 1)
Date: 9/3/09
Subject: Chief Counsel Delegation Order No. 1 - Authority to Compromise Claims Under the Federal Tort Claims Act, The Military Personnel and Civilian Employees' Claims Act, and The Small Claims Act

ID: 2(Rev. 2)
Date: 9/3/09
Subject: Chief Counsel Delegation Order No. 2 - Order of Succession and Delegation to Act

ID: 3
Date: 4/12/17
Subject: Chief Counsel Delegation Order No. 3 - Authority To Review Requests To Engage In Outside Employment Or Activity

ID: 4
Date: 9/30/08
Subject: Chief Counsel Delegation Order No. 4 - Settlement Authority And Authority To Provide Guidance To Authorized Personnel Making Security And Suitability Determinations

ID: 5
Date: 1/07/15
Subject: Chief Counsel Delegation Order No. 5 - Authority to Certify OGE Form 450

ID: 6
Date: 7/01/20
Subject: Chief Counsel Delegation Order No. 6 - Authority to Authorize Testimony and the Production of Records

Office of Audit

ID: 1(Rev. 3)
Date: 7/06/10
Subject: Order of Succession and Designation to Act

Office of Mission Support

ID: 1
Date: 10/30/07
Subject: Mission Support Delegation Order No. 1 - Re-delegate Authority to Collect Debts

ID: 2(Rev. 1)
Date: 1/22/08
Subject: Mission Support Delegation Order No. 2 - Re-delegate Authority to Collect Debts

ID: 3(Rev. 3)
Date: 1/22/08
Subject: Mission Delegation Order No. 3 - Tours Of Duty And Overtime

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