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Major Information Systems

TIGTA Enterprise Systems (TES)
TIGTAís top tier, overall organizational General Support System, as defined based on FISMA requirements. The TES system itself does not contain any equipment, but rather functions as the high-level logical system where enterprise-wide security controls are managed and propagated to subsystems. TES is a parent system of TIGTA's three subsystems:
TIGTA Server Infrastructure Subsystem (TSIS):
TSIS supports many minor applications for TIGTA's business operations. The TSIS authorization boundary includes server operations and consists of server devices. The applications include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Criminal Results Management System (CRIMES)
    Business reporting and decision support system

  • PARIS Property Module (PPM)
    Property and seized fund management system

  • TeamMate
    Audit management software

  • Heat
    Helpdesk software

  • SharePoint Services
    Collaboration and document sharing system

  • Web Services
    TIGTA intranet hosting operations and documentation

  • FOIAXpress
    Freedom of Information Act processing system

  • Data Center Warehouse (DCW)
    Data research and analysis system

  • TIGTA Messaging Services (TMS)
    Corporate messaging system

TIGTA Workstations Management Subsystem (TWM):
TWM encompasses all TIGTA workstations, to include desktop and laptop computers, assigned to TIGTA employees. The TWM authorization boundary includes client and end user operations and consists of Windows based client devices.
TIGTA Communication Data Network (TCDN):
TCDN is the TIGTA network and includes all telecommunications infrastructure devices such as switches. TCDN provides network services throughout TIGTA that are not supplied by the Treasury Network.
The TIGTA Cybercrime Investigation System (CIS):
CIS is used exclusively for Law Enforcement activities. The system is used to process investigative cases and to perform research and analysis.

Privacy Threshold Analysis and Privacy Impact Assessment

TIGTA conducted Privacy Threshold Analyses (PTAs) and Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) on information systems collecting personally identifiable information as required by the E-Government Act of 2002. The purpose of a PTA and PIA is to ensure that:
  • the public is aware of the information we collect about them;
  • any impact these systems have on personal privacy is adequately addressed; and,
  • only the personally identifiable information needed to administer our programs is collected.
TES Privacy Threshold Analysis (PDF)

TES Privacy Impact Assessment (PDF)

CIS Privacy Impact Assessment (PDF)

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Last Updated: April 27, 2021
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