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January 30, 2013
TIGTA - 2013-03
Contact: David Barnes
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New Employees Are Being Hired More Quickly at the IRS, TIGTA Finds

WASHINGTON – A new report by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) publicly released today found that the IRS is hiring new employees more quickly.

While in June 2009, the IRS took more than five months to hire employees from outside the Government, some of its divisions, like the Information Technology organization, are now close to meeting the Federal Government’s goal of 80 calendar days, TIGTA’s auditors found.

At the request of the IRS, TIGTA audited the actions taken by the IRS divisions to monitor and improve the efficiency of hiring new employees. Hiring quality employees quickly is important to the IRS, as it hires a large number of employees each year. For example, the IRS hired approximately 19,000 employees in Fiscal Year 2011.

TIGTA found that IRS divisions and the Human Capital Office have taken action to reduce hiring timelines, but need to continue to focus on keeping hiring timelines low and making additional improvements.

For example, the Information Technology organization has cut the time it takes to hire new employees from 218 calendar days in November 2009 to an average of 90 calendar days at the end of March 2012. As a result, Information Technology is close to meeting the Office of Personnel Management 80-calendar-day hiring goal. Similarly, the Wage and Investment Division has taken action to reduce hiring timelines and is also close to meeting the hiring goal.

However, the Small Business/Self-Employed Division uses a hiring process that is based on bringing large groups of employees on board at the same time for training and orientation purposes. While this may result in efficient training and orientation programs for enforcement personnel, it can take up to 200 calendar days to hire employees, which results in not meeting the hiring goal.

TIGTA made several recommendations for improvement; the IRS agreed with TIGTA’s recommendations and implemented corrective actions.

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Note: The difference between the date TIGTA issues an audit report to the Internal Revenue Service and the date TIGTA publicly releases the report is due to TIGTA's internal review process to ensure that public release is in compliance with Federal confidentiality laws.

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